Tucker by Gaby Basora coming to Target Sept. 12th and Temple St. Clair Jewelry Arrives Aug. 29th

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Pictured: Lusty worthy, I love the gathering on this collarless Tucker jacket. (Photo courtesy of Tucker from their website.)

The rumor (reported by me back in Jan) is true.The Target Go franchise will keep going with New York designer, Tucker by Gaby Basora . She has been be signed as the next Go designer with her Target line to launch  Sept.12,  2010. Gaby’s not yet a big name brand, so it’ll be interesting to see what her style for Target might be. (Update: Gaby’s Tucker for Target line will go on sale early at Gilt Groupe on August 20th.  Click here for details.) I  like her line and comfortable styles. If she doesn’t command the salary that Posen or Gaultier get from Target for being such big names in fashion, then maybe, just maybe, the budget can go into the clothes and producing a quality collection. I’m amazed at the hoopla around the Zac Posen for Target line.  How much does it cost for Gia Coppola to direct a video with a girl group trying to pose ala the Beatles in Richard Lester’s Hard Day’s Night to show off  Target Zac Posen clothes? How much for a launch party in New York at a high-end venue with plenty of celebrity appearances? Meanwhile, the cost of the Target budget clothes go up, as the marketing costs have to be factored in.  Consequently, some of  the budget Target Zac Posen dresses will  now retail for approximately $80.00 US!  That’s not much of a bargain in this blogger’s opinion.  So, back to Gaby Basora. I hope she creates quality garments for Target as she has done for her Tucker line. Enuff said.

Pictured: Temple St. Clair’s gorgeous jewelry is coming to Target. (Photo courtesy of Temple St. Clair from their website.)

In accessories news, Target has also signed Temple St. Clair Carr  to launch a limited-edition jewelry collection, called, surprise,  Temple St. Clair for Target!   I love a designer whose slogan is to “Live Life Beautifully.”  Her pieces are lovely and have been sold at luxury retailers, like Barney’s for awhile. I can’t wait to see what her Target line looks like.  I hope it’s true to her vision.  Check out her website to learn more.  Her Matisse collection and her Rock Crystal Amulets are stunning!

The collection is the sixth jewelry launch in a series of limited-time-only accessory designers at Target.  The Temple St. Clair for Target collection will be available at most Target stores nationwide and online at August 29 through December 26, 2010.


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  1. Target-Addict

    April 17, 2010 at 1:45 am

    Tucker harkens back to the original intent of Target's Go International line; to showcase up & coming designers. At the begining, we had designers like Paul & Joe, Luella Bartley and Libertine. Then they started bringing in more well known “designer celebrities”. So I for one am looking forward to the Tucker collection, because it's more in line with Target's original vision.

  2. Cams

    April 17, 2010 at 2:05 am

    i love the target stuff going on…wonderful!

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