The Recessionista Reviews Lauren Conrad & Princess Vera Wang Fall Fashions for Kohl’s

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Pictured: My niece modeling the Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s floral tuxedo jacket.

Recently Kohl’s sent me some samples of their popular Lauren Conrad & Princess Vera Wang fashion lines to review.  Opening the box was a bit like Christmas morning, not for me, but for my beloved niece.  How do you know if something in a junior targeted fashion line is a win? When a teenager wants it!  My niece (the self proclaimed Recessioniecesta)  gave a big thumbs up on both collections, but she didn’t necessarily like the same pieces that I would have picked as reasonably priced fashions.  The Lauren Conrad Fall line is full of floral prints and sweet vintage inspirations.  While many of the pieces are for younger fashionistas, quite a few can be worn by those who are 30 and over. I  thought the Lauren Conrad  (LC) floral tuxedo  jacket (pictured above) was very cute for a young girl, but my niece thought it was too “old” for her and not cool enough. The LC line has many floral tops and jackets, which many not be fashion forward enough for some consumers.  One of my Twitter followers thought the LC floral jackets looked like “Grandma’s sofa.  Despite the samples I received, as dedicated shoppers, we had to go in store at Kohl’s for some fashion hunting to find pieces from the LC line that we both loved and felt we could recommend for fall. Here’s what we found. We both like the mixed media top in black & white (which I bought and wore to a fashion lunch in Beverly Hills) and the lace fit & flare dresses.  Those can be worn by all ages.  Our top pick is the black dress with white and red flowers that look like little cherry blossoms decorating the bodice and the skirt.

Pictured: Our favorite pick from The Lauren Conrad collection,the black dress with flowers.

I ended up buying the LC dress (pictured above) for my niece as it’s both fashionable and age appropriate for her. Overall, the LC collection has some great pieces, just approach the floral prints with caution. It’s not a look for everyone. If you like vintage, check out the LC jewelry.  It’s absolutely adorable. I bought myself the adjustable bow ring and I may go back for the little camera ring.

Pictured: The Recessioniecesta in Princess Vera Wang Striped Lace Dress at Kohl’s

After Lauren Conrad, we moved on to PrincessVera Wang . This is designer Vera Wang’s new juniors collection for Kohl’s.  This collection runs that gamut from min-skirts and rhinestone embellished tees to cute dresses and preppy tops. My niece’s top pick in the collection was the Striped Lace Dress, which has a top like a T-shirt and a bottom like an elegant little black lace cocktail dress.  It’s the mix of the two pieces which makes this dress work for young girls. If it was a lace dress alone, it would be too mature for teenagers (just my opinion.)  For $58.00, the dress isn’t cheap, but you can always use a coupon at Kohl’s or Kohl’s cash to bring the price down. Better yet, wait for the next sale, which is always on the way at Kohl’s.  Other dresses in the Princess line that we both liked are the lace dress with the dropped waist and the ruffled mesh dress although those are more sophisticated looking and don’t look like juniors dresses to me.  For casual wear, check out the striped Tees, the Letterman cardigan and the v-neck sweater. Although there’s much to like in the Princess collection, there are a few misses too.  Forget the stove pipe plaid pants, the bird rib cage tee and the glitter glue gun tees, those don’t really show off the genius that is Vera Wang. But if you like Simply Vera and are interesting in a younger hipper version, check out some of The Recessionista’s recommendations from the Princess Vera Wang line. And if you like Kohl’s have a look at our giveaway of a $100.00 gift card to shop at Kohl’s to enjoy all the fall fashions!  What do you think of the Lauren Conrad and Princess Vera lines readers?  Is there anything that strikes your fancy?


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