The Recessionista Reviews: Kirna Zabete for Target

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Pictured: A selection of the fall fashions from Kirna Zabete for Target (photos M. Hall).

The Kirna Zabet fashion collection rolled into Target a few weeks ago as part of the latest Shops at Target installation.   The collection is the brainchild of New York boutique owners Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini based on their Manhattan stores.  I wish I could say I love this collection, but sadly, I can’t.  Judging by the full racks at most Target stores, must of you agree with me.   Some of the stuff is cute, but it’s all junior sized in synthetic fabrics full of puckers and pulls.  For the average price of $59.99, with some pieces costing more, I think Target shoppers are saying  a big “Meh” to this collection.   Let’s face it you can find more fashionable and better made pieces for the same price or less at Saks Off Fifth or Neiman Marcus Last Call.  The most striking piece in the collection, and I’ll wager it’s the best seller too, is the Floral Trench Coat for $59.99.  It’s a  really nice looking piece.   Everything else just isn’t a must have.  I think the blue t-shirt dress with blue lips is cute, but again for $34.99, it’s not a must have.  If it goes on sale, I might feel differently. The blue tuxedo coat with black lapel looks nice but I didn’t see it at my local store.

Pictured: Kina Zabete for Target Accessories (photos: M. Hall)

The collection also offers some cute hats, lace covered clutches and patent leather bags.  I like these pieces better than the clothing, especially with holiday parties coming up.  For holiday parties, the red hard clutch for $34.99 is a good deal,  especially since my fellow blogger Target Addict reports that the accessories from Kirna Zabete have already hit the sale racks for 30% off.  I think the clothes will follow soon enough, so if you like them, just wait a few days, I think they will all go on sale. As for the jewelry in this collection, skip it. It’s cheap looking, like 1980s glitter disco balls. Save your money. I think Target might want to stop putting out so many “designer” collections. The market is over saturated and consumers are being more discerning.  No one is going to pay $50.00 and over for clothing that looks cheap.  The Recessionista ideal is to find stuff that looks luxurious, but is inexpensive.  Kirna Zabete doesn’t fit the bill.

If you love Target and you live in Los Angeles, click here to learn about the new Target stores coming to downtown LA and the Beverly Collection.


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  1. Nancy A.

    October 8, 2012 at 5:20 am

    I agree with you totally!

  2. Target Addict

    October 13, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    As of yesterday, all of The Shops (including Kirna Zabete) are on clearance for 30% off at my local store. And The Curiosity Shoppe and half of Patch NY are on sale on Seems like there's a TON of stuff left, and people just didn't buy these collections.