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Duro Olowu for JCP

Duro Olowu for JCP

Today I took the time to go check out the Duro Olowu for JC Penney collection and try on a few things in store.  I saw some of the collection at a JCP Preview at New York Fashion Week, but there wasn’t time to try anything on.  If you love discount women’s designer fashion, this collection by Duro Olowu may have a strong lure for you.  This collection launched in early March, so its been in stores for a while.  My local store has some of the collection in stock, but none of the colorful maxi dresses that are sold out online.   There are plenty of blouses and a few short dresses still on the racks.  After trying a few things on, I could see why. 

Duro Olowu for JCP

Two  Cute Pieces from the Duro Olowu collection that didn’t quite work for me.

This collection does have striking and beautiful prints, but the fit is poor, at least on the items I tried.  It’s like JC Penney hired the same outsourcing company Target uses to make their junior sized Go Collections to make this Duro Olowu collection.   The arm holes on the blouses and the widths of the sleeves is not sized in the same proportion as the bust sizes.   The tops I tried on seemed to have small sleeves on the medium and large tops.    I would say, if you are ordering online, size up as this is more Junior sized that Misses sizing.  The prints are indeed gorgeous, but the fit is not what I expected.   For the prices ($50.00 for the ruffle dress), I wasn’t impressed.    I wasn’t feeling the handbags either, as I didn’t think either the tapestry bag with the wooden handles or the totes were of good enough quality to command the $50.00 and $40.00 prices. Let’s face it, it’s pretty difficult to carry a full handbag with wooden handles.

Have any of you checked this collection out or purchased from it?   There are no reviews on JCP online, so maybe my opinion is not the opinion of every woman out there.  This is one collection I wanted to love and add to my closet. Instead, I’ll be looking for some Duro Olowu fashions from the designers Made in England Boutique line on eBay.  If the JCP collection goes on clearance, I’ll have another look at it.


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  1. Edith

    March 31, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    Hi There! Happy Easter!

    I checked out the line at my local JC Penney. The skirts have a lovely print but are unlined – something you would find working with Vlisco-inspired prints BUT not really workable for an early North American spring. But I will buy a couple because they really suited me. I did buy the raincoat in the leaf print- it’s lined and has a good weight on it. I wore it for a week here in Oregon, and then I am going to pack it up for fall wearing later on this year. I am too busty for the blouses and the dresses (sob) but I do like the home accessories.