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Rosemary Pear Buck cocktail

Rosemary Pear Buck cocktail at the Omini NYC via Hotel Chatter

Pictured above is my current refreshing favorite, the Pear & Rosemary Buck invented by master bartender Christy Pope. I love Rosemary in the summer, it’s easy to bake with, cook with and now, we know that it also makes a great cocktail! I saw Christy make this at the Omni Bar in New York last week, and I have to say, it was hard to pull myself away!  Here’s the recipe.Readers, has this been a tough week, or what? I mean who actually thought that an Earthquake would hit the East Coast with an 5.9 bang? Or that it would be followed by Hurricane Irene due to hit this Saturday. This is the time of year we all want to be getting ready for New York Fashion Week, or Fashion’s Night Out or some other kind of wicked fun, not hunkering down for natural disasters!! Everyone knows that in your quest for disaster preparedness you need to stock up on water, some extra batteries and candles, and in my humble opinion some home grown cocktails.  Is this bad to say?  My great aunts would never face a winter in New England with our their highballs and vodka tonics.  That’s why The Recessionista’s emergency preparedness kit includes some traditional rescue remedies in the form of delicious cocktails supplied by our friends at the Omni Hotel.  For readers on the West Coast, and around the world, you might want to try these for a great girlfriends TGIF party, BBQ or other home entertainment.

Ingredients for the Pear and Rosemary Buck Cocktail:

1 each Bar spoon of Rosemary Leaves
1.5 oz Patron Silver
0.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
1.0 oz Perfectly Puree of Napa Valley Pear Ginger Beer

Muddle rosemary leaves. Shake Patron Silver, Lime Juice and Puree with ice. Top with ginger beer and serve in a Highball glass and garnish with a rosemary sprig. To see an expert Omni Hotel mixologist  mix up this baby, watch the video.   I had one question about this cocktail for the inventor, Christy Pope. I wanted to know if it could be made with Vodka, but Christy advised using the Patron Tequila for the best blend of ingredients and flavors.

If Rosemary and Pear is not to your liking, check out some of the other Omni Cocktails by going to their website.  There are different drink selections offered for each area of the United States.The Southern Berry Basil Smash sounds amazing!  I could also be easily persuaded to sample the Au Currant Smash (so very NYFW) or the Mojito Martini.   After all, woman can not live by fashion alone!

During New York Fashion Week, I’ll be parked over at the Omni Berkshire between shows sipping on my Rosemary Pear cocktails.  If you wish to meet with me, this will be my official NYFW HQ. 🙂  Seriously, the Omini Hotels are fabu and they offer a customer loyalty great rewards program  called Select Guest which helps you defray the cost of travel. You earn rewards for future trips, on each stay.  The Omni San Diego did a great job hosting bloggers at the recent BlogHer 11 conference.

Note: In exchange for sampling their cocktails, which is back breaking work, the Omni is graciously hosting me for a 2 day stay at their New York Hotel.  In the interests of full disclosure, I want my readers to know this.


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