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Actress Kate Bosworth is the face behind Topshop’s Who’s That Girl Campaign

The mystery is over! The face of Topshop’s Holiday campaign has been revealed. It’s actress Kate Bosworth. Some of you guessed it before Topshop revealed her identity, so good detective work readers! Watch the Topshop Holiday film here to see Kate sing the 1934 classic Winter Wonderland in a beautiful Topshop custom designed dress and shoes. Here’s […]

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Topshop’s Who’s That Girl Teaser 4 Released: The Final Clue?

The final clue in Topshop’s  Who’s That Girl Holiday campaign has been released.   Will this be the last clue before the big reveal?  Click here to watch the final teaser on Topshop’s YouTube Channel.  Here’s what we know to date. She is blonde.  She looks slim and petite.  She’s about to sing in a night […]

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Topshop Who’s That Girl Teaser 3 Released. Who is She?

Part 3 of the Topshop Who’s That Girl Social Media campaign has been released this morning.  You can see the latest preview video here at The Recessionista.   I was sneaky and paused the video during the first frames and caught a glimpse of her face in profile.  It’s clear she is blonde, slim and […]

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Topshop Asks Who’s That Girl? More Clues in the Topshop Holiday Campaign

Topshop you’re such a tease! The second installment of the Topshop Who’s That Girl Social Media campaign has been released.  It’s becoming a worldwide guessing game via Twitter as Tweeple from Japan, Australia, the US, the UK and the rest of the world try to determine the identity of the mystery girl using the hashtag […]

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