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Holiday Giveaway: Enter to win $250 to shop from Serve by American Express

Back in September I shared with my readers how I was going to be evaluating the Serve card from American Express.  At that time, I shared how Serve had offered me $250.00 to do my holiday shopping.  Since then, I’ve used the Serve card just like I would use my American Express card to buy […]

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The Recessionista Readers Share: Favorite Fall Trends from our Contest with Serve by American Express

Recently I let all my readers know that I was working with Serve from American Express on a special “10,000 Pennies for your Thoughts” giveaway ($100.00) for 10 lucky readers. Serve, from American Express, is a service that allows consumers to send money to relatives, friends or vendors to buy things.  There are some other great benefits […]

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Serve 10,000 Pennies Winners

Recently I had announced that I was working with Serve from American Express on a special 10,000 pennies or giveaway of 100.00 for 10 lucky readers. Serve.  from American Express,  is a service where you can send money to relatives,  friends or vendors to buy things. Serve allows members to send and receive money quickly and make […]

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Still Time to Enter the Serve from American Express giveaway

Pictured: Enter our Giveaway with Serve, you could win more than a penny for your thoughts Recently I announced a giveaway that I’ve been working on with Serve from American Express.  In the “10,000 Pennies for Your Thoughts” giveaway, 10 of my readers will have the chance to win $100.00 from Serve. Serve is a prepaid account […]

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Sponsored Post: The Recessionista Partners with Serve for a Fab Fall Fashion Giveaway. Enter for a Chance to Win $100!

Pictured: Tell me your favorite Fall fashion pick or trend on Facebook to be entered for a chance to win  $100.00 from Serve Back in September, I let all my readers know that I was evaluating the new Serve service and card  from American Express.   I don’t know how many of you have heard about […]

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Sponsored Post: Shopping with Serve from American Express

As an American Express Card member  trying to “serve” up content from New York Fashion Week and also work on various family issues that involve considerable expense it is only fitting that I have accepted the evaluation of a new Amex product. I have accepted a plum assignment of evaluating Serve from American Express.   I […]

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