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Hello Recessionistas! I can’t begin today’s post without first exclaiming that I am COLD!!! Yes, its freezing cold here in Los Angeles, California. I heard its the coldest its been since 1901. Early this week we were “blessed” with rain, freezing rain and even snow in some areas. I haven’t used my heater in quite awhile and all of a sudden its getting a big workout. Checking the news this morning shows that Californians are getting a taste of the cold crippling the rest of the country. Areas in the Midwest & east coast are getting more winter storms. So, its only fitting to do another look at online shopping options. Yesterday, I received the most interesting comment on the holiday items from London post. A reader wrote in to say, ” Dude!, Why are you not mentioning I just bought a pair of Rafe boots – suede and leather, stacked heel, gorgeous – for $162. They are listed on frigging xxxx for almost $300. Other sites have them for less, but not as low as Bluefly.” Immediately, I was intrigued. First of all, even though I live in California, I haven’t been called “Dude” in years. It really perked up my ears. And then of course, the mention of the the word sale is always like a siren call. So last night, I went over to to check it out.
I have to say, it was a very pleasant surprise. I joined the site years ago, and occasionally shopped there. I hadn’t been back in the last year because I had been cutting back on shopping high-end designer items. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they ARE having some great sales. They also offer Woman’s clothes, Men’s clothes, Home items, plus shoes & handbags. Even my beloved Bedhead pajamas were there and deeply discounted (very appealing as I now need a flannel pair 🙂 )
So, here are a few Recessionista picks I’m looking at over at Bluefly. Today they are having a sweater sale. With the cold weather all over the country, this is really attractive.
Below is a gorgeous Hayden Cashmere sweater in a pretty holiday emerald that I found on sale.

I was also amazed by all the great stuff they had for guys. I desperately need to get something for my Dad. The sweater sale for men (up to 65% off) looks like a perfect fit. They also have some of my favorite designers for men including Ted Baker, Marc Jacobs & Cole Haan. Now, Dad does not care about any of these designer names, but he would certainly appreciate the quality products and warmth of a good sweater. I’m in!

Finally, I did take a minute to play the Holiday Game on the site to try to win a free shopping spree. Its a cute game (although it took several plays). I’m always into the “free” stuff, so I took the time to play it 🙂

Bluefly ships outside the US. To my surprise, Bluefly ships directly to the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Switzerland. This helps with the dilemma of finding things to send friend overseas.
So dear reader, aka, Dude! You were right…Bluefly has some great deals. Its now in my Recessionista shopping bag. Thanks for the tip to revisit the site. I’ll have to go over and revisit too and see what’s new over there. But that’s another day….and another post.

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