LA Fashion Week or Hollywood’s Scream Fest? Scream Fest has the Look to Die For! :)

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I have been so busy working that I forgot that Halloween is right around the corner! Fortunately, I received a stunning and creative reminder of the fabulous fashion sense of Halloween on Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards this Friday night. I was invited up to the old Hollywood Athletic Club for a runway show from a few of the designers that showed at LA Fashion Week. Keen to see what Los Angeles had to offer in the fashion area, and grab a look at old Hollywood history, I hoped in the car and headed up to Sunset. Visions of an ice cold Pear Martini danced in my head as I waited on the Los Angeles freeway.

Pictured: Inside the dinning room at the old Hollywood Atheletic Club. Are there ghosts? It looks like the perfect place for them.

Upon arrival at the old club, I was dazzled by the fabulous art deco gates and the courtyard where icons like John Barrymore, Errol Flynn and Charlie Chaplin played. Sadly, the fashion week crowd couldn’t hold a candle to the old Hollywood mystique. A few scary skinny models roamed the courtyard modeling skimpy hooker wear. I didn’t see one thing I would want to share with my blog readers as fashionable. There were a few t-shirts hanging from a rack on one side of the courtyard with jewelry hanging from them. Far more interesting were the assorted vampires and scary looking creeps starting to fill up the Hollywood courtyard. Surely this is not LA Fashion Week, I muttered. Pressing on into the inside of the club, I discovered another party, and a far more exciting one. A party for the Hollywood Film Horror Industry, featuring many vampires and ghouls dressed far more fashionably than the poor models at the dreadful “Fashion Minga. “

Hollywood Screamfest was alive with a gaggle of vampires, goths and unique looks that were way more interesting than the “alleged’ red carpet fashions. As Halloween approaches, I thought I’d give you a glimpse at what some of the creative scream fest attendees and Boulevard revelers are showing for costumes. Many of these involve nothing more that raiding your make-up box, and going right over the top!

Pictured: Carrie Costume, all you need is an old dress, make-up and fake blood, plus a prom tiara!

Pictured: A ghostly bride and groom, just white face makeup, old clothes and dark circles under the eyes.

Pictured: The new Vampire look from Twilight, just requires plenty of white face make-up, spiky hair and garish make-up. The black vampire cape is out!

If you’re looking to get the ScreamFest look off the shelf, there are some good deals on Halloween costumes out there. Here are some bargains I have found:
  • CostPlus WorldMarket costumes, 30% off
  • Kohl’s has their own Halloween microsite with great ideas and savings. Kohl’s has a costume store, decorations and pumpkin carving kits.
  • Walmart has some low cost costumes, decorations and DVDs online & in store.
  • Check your local thrift stores and costume stores for great deals.
  • offers a wide array of costumes plus a Costume Return/Exchange Program if you are not satisfied with your costume pick., offers a Free Size & Product Exchange Program. If for any reason the customer does not like their costume, whether it be the fit, size or character depicted.

Pictured: The Flapper Costume from the Recession Buster Section of Costume Super Center. will pay for both the return shipping and the shipping back to the customer of the desired replacement costume. The store offers Recession Buster costumes for $14.99 for infant and toddler costumes, $19.99 for kids costumes , $29.99 for adult costumes.

Pictured: A Charlie Chaplin Costume in Hollywood, Getty Images

As I left Hollywood, I saw one final great costume that inspired me: Charlie Chaplin. All it takes to be Charlie is some make-up, a bowler hat and cane. Next time I head up to Hollywood, I have to check out the Magic Castle. I want to have Halloween dinner and maybe a seance there. Boo!

Pictured: The Magic Castle’s stained glass window , photo by Robert Shepherd.


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  1. Robin

    October 20, 2009 at 2:55 pm

    Re the Magic Castle — it will be decorated to the hilt for Halloween, with special themed shows running from Monday Oct 26 through Sunday Nov 1. Friday Oct 30 and Saturday Oct 31 will be “costume nights” where you can go dressed in your best Halloween costume. There will be over $10,000 worth of prizes for the best costumes in various categories, judged by special guest Tippi Hedren.