Jimmy Choo for H&M Women’s + Men’s Preview avec Prices

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Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M Beaded Dress, priced at 99.99 GBP 199 USD 149 EUR

Good morning all and happy Sunday! If you are looking for some news that is both chic and cheap (or at least cheaper than), I’m happy to report I have some. I’ve been talking to H&M about the new Jimmy Choo collection. From the last post, I heard from many readers that you are excited about the items, but curious about the prices. So good news! I have new images of the clothes, accessories, bags and shoes plus their prices. Best of all, the prices are listed for you in British Pounds (GBP), US dollars and Euros. So here are some of the items along with the budgetary guidelines, er prices :). After all, today’s savvy shopper (you) needs to know how much each one will cost you at your local H&M store on Nov. 14th. My favorite item, so far, is the beaded little black dress pictured above. I’m looking at cost per wear on this one, figuring I could wear this several times in Nov/Dec for holiday parties plus and on into New Year’s to help defray the $200.00 USD price tag.

Following are a few more of the items with prices to help you make informed decisions.

Women’s Clothing
For women, the clothes collection has a gloss goth feel with one-shoulder dresses, jumpsuits, leather leggings and dresses covered in crystals, emphasized by sequined cardigans and embroidered tops.

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M Dress with rhinestones priced at 69.99 (GBP) 129 (US) 99 (EUR)
Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M One Shoulder Leather Dress, 149.99 (GBP) 249 (US) 199 (EUR), the one shoulder dress will also come in gray suede.
Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M Sequin cardigan 69.99 (GBP) 129 (USD) 99 (EUR)I personally love this!
Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M long wrap dress 69.99(GBP) 129 (USD) 99 (EUR), on my wish list:)
Pictured: A departure from all the black pieces, Jimmy Choo for H&M Blue suede dress 149.99 (GBP) 249(USD) 199 (EUR) with leather studded belt 39.99 (GBP) 59.95 (USD) 49.95 (EUR)

Women’s Shoes, Bagsand Accessories
The women’s shoes are complemented by accessories, evening clutches and larger day bags, which are studded or fringed. Belts are studded and wide, or long enough for a triple wrap. The collection also features choker necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and earrings to compliment the shoes. Following are some of the handbags and shoes with the prices.

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M Leopard print bag 79.99 (GBP) 129 (USD) 99 (EUR)
Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M weekend bag 149.99 (GBP) 249 (USD) 199 (EUR)


Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M shopper bag 149.99(GBP) 249 (USD) 199 (EUR)

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M Zebra print bag with studs 59.99 (GBP) 99 (US) 79,95 (EUR)

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M Hot Pink Clutch bag priced at 39.99 (GBP) 59.95 (USD) 49,95 (EUR), on my wish list.

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M high heel strap shoe with zip 79.99(GBP) 129 (USD) 99 (EUR)

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M high heel patent strap shoe 69.99 (GBP) 99 (USD) 79,75 (EUR)


Pictured: My personal pick, the Jimmy Choo for H&M flat pumps with studs 49.99 (GBP) 69.95 (USD) 59,95 (EUR), these I can walk in! There will also be a pair of flats in zebra.


But wait, there’s more. There is menswear too. Here is a sneak peak at some of the stuff for men. Since men are always in the minority at the H&M lines, I expect girlfriends and wives to queue up for this stuff to give as gifts. For men, there will be a selection of ankle boots and bags, as well as a wardrobe of wool blazers, leather biker jackets, silk and cashmere mix sweaters, shirts and trousers.

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M men’s jacket and trousers, 149.99(GBP) 249(USD) 199 (EUR)

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M men’s leather jacket, 179.99 (GBP) 299 (USD) 249 (EUR)

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M V-neck cashmere sweater 69.99 (GBP) 99 (USD) 79,95 (EUR)

Pictured: Jimmy Choo for H&M men’s biker boots, 99.99 (GBP) 199 (USD) 149 (EUR)

Overall, this looks like a great holiday collection for Jimmy Choo lovers. “The Jimmy Choo collection for H&M is full of fun, one-off items with an accessible and glamorous identity made with stylish materials, emphasised with colour and embellishment, ” notes, Tamara Mellon, Founder and President, Jimmy Choo. “I wanted to create pieces that would reach a cool and young customer with a fashionable and independent sense of spirit in this one-off collaboration.”

I would say that Tamara succeeded in her vision. What do you think?


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    wow thank you for the images! i'll repost and link back.

    yea i'll probably queue up just like the rest, unless i can somehow get into some preview parties!

  2. CurvyGirlChic

    October 25, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    Thanks so much! This is amazing! I am so excited for this collection to come out and am definitely going to look for those studded flats!


  3. debbie

    October 26, 2009 at 4:10 am

    After seeing the clothes, I have to go!

  4. Bagaholicboy

    October 26, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    Great post! Anyone getting the suede shopper?

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    October 27, 2009 at 7:18 am

    these are beautiful pieces

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    October 31, 2009 at 8:19 am

    Good review, thanks.

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    November 1, 2009 at 6:29 am

    several of those pieces are really cute, but the studded flats are definately the best out of the bunch!