Social Sharing: Coachella Fashion

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Pictured: Melanie Griffith looking cool at Coachella.

Melanie Griffith literally showed flower power at this weekend’s Coachella music fest in her bright floral pants.  Based on the social fashion sharing going on, I would say Mrs. Banderas had one of the more upscale looks at the dessert fest in her wide legged pants reminiscent of those Celia Birtwell bell bottoms Jane Birkin posed in.  With temperatures over 100 degrees out in India, literally the California dessert, shorts and cotton sun dresses were the fashion order of the weekend.  Fashionable retailers like H&M and LaCoste were in full force at the fest.  Most fascinating to me, were all the social media mavens sharing their Coachella looks via Instagram.  Here’s one example from user, itslikeglobot.

Pictured: Cut off jeans, tank tops and straw hats were the Coachella fashion recipe for Instagram user ItsLikeGlobot

I have to smile over all the Coachella fashions. When I first came to California, Coachella was not a glamorous event.  It was a small Indie music festival in the dessert.  Who knew that by 2012, it would evolve as a place where celebrities and attendees plan their look and fashion houses/retailers clamor to host parties? The words Coachella and fashion are no longer on opposite ends of the spectrum.


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