The Recessionista Reviews Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim for Target

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Pictured: Cynthia Vincent for Target, selling briskly at my local store today

Today is the day that Target launched accessory collection by Cynthia Vincent (shoes) and Eugenia Kim (hats).  Much of both collections is already sold out online at  And it is selling briskly in-store at Targets. Fortunately, when I cruised in to my local store today, their was still enough stock left of both to review and evaluate.  There are pluses and minuses for both collections, but the bottom line is these lines are literally disposable summer/spring fashion.  Disposable because they are not built to last (especially the hats made with paper or paper blends) but will provide a little dose of fashion for a low price.

The big sell-out du jour is of course the Cynthia Vincent Gladiator Wedge Sandals in yellow and brown. The shoes themselves are steep, but the price is not at $29.99.  Since these wedges mimic a shoe that sells for approximately $180 US, it’s no surprise that they are going quick.  If you still want a pair, check for them on eBay, where those who bought online are already reselling for a profit.  There are a few left in store.  I think they are fine for an event where you don’t have to stand for a long period of time.  The style is designed to elongate the leg, and of course add height.  This is a case of if the shoe fits, and you can wear it, good for you.  Other choices in the line still on the racks include the Strappy Ring Heeled Sandals in black and the Strappy Ring Flat Sandals in Yellow and Black.  See the pictures below for a reality check.  The Strappy Ring Heeled Sandals are good looking, but they have a rather steep incline, so again, the question is, if you buy these, do you sacrifice your soles for your fashion soul?

Pictured: The Cynthia Vincent Strappy Ring Heeled Sandals in Black.  The shoes are made in China and are faux leather and thermoplastic rubber, retailing for $29.99.  These have a sleek look and I prefer them to the Gladiator wedges.

 Pictured: Easier to walk in are the  Cynthia Vincent for Target Strappy Ring Flat Sandals in Yellow and Black.

I didn’t buy any of the Cynthia Vincent Target shoes today.  The pair I really wanted, the ballet flat print, is a web only exclusive. Four shoes in the Cynthia Vincent line are web only exclusives.  That doesn’t work for me, because I really do like to try shoes on and take an in store walk in them to see how I feel moving and even standing still in them.   What I did buy, and absolutely feel in love with, was a pair of the new Miss Trish of Capri sandals.  I don’t know why Target has been so quiet about these.  For the price, they are worthwhile because of the unique detail work.

Pictured: My  Top Pick: the new Miss Trish Of Capri  Black Coral flat scandals with the Pearl and Starfish 
embellishments for $24.99.

I don’t know why there are no ads for the new Miss Trish line as their are for Cynthia Vincent.  My Target had the womens’ Miss Trish as well as the girls’ Miss Trish sandals.   To me, these look far more unique and chic than the various other pleather shoes showing on the Target aisles.

 Pictured: Look for Miss Trish of Capri in the girls department at your local Target. 

After perusing the shoes, I strolled over to the accessories area of the store.  That’s where the Eugenia Kim hats were on display.  There was a small group of ladies gathered around to check out and try on the hats.  I’m pleased to see so many of us looking at hats as a fashion accessory again.  It’s important to note that hats are not just a fashion statement, they are just about the best summer protector of your precious skin from the harsh and sometimes damaging rays of the sun.  Definitely , the biggest seller in the Eugenia Kim line is the Straw Fedora with plaid band.  The Fedora style comes in black, mint and straw with various bands.  These are cute and well priced, but for me, not nearly as functional as the other Kim hats. The Fedora provides little sun protection.  My favorite hats in the line for style, functionality and perfect face framing are the Straw Cloche in Gray Stripe (sold out online) and the Fedora in Tan with the Flower Applique.  Both are priced at $16.99.

Pictured: One of my favorites: the Eugenia Kim for Target Fedora with Flower Applique has a wider brim and more style than the straw fedoras with the fabric bands in the collection.  It’s much more stylish for the price.   It is made from 88 % paper, and 12 % polyester.

Pictured: The full rack of Eugenia Kim hats at Target today, with my favorite fit the Straw Cloche in Gray Stripe
on the bottom. Some of the Fedoras are 100% paper.
The most interesting thing about the Eugenia Kim hats is their magic ingredient.  Wait for it. The hats are made from paper or materials blended with paper! So you can expect to wear this for 1 season.  For $16.99, what can you expect?  Target has to make this cheaply, market them and sell them.  I can’t help but wonder if the hats that are 100% paper can be recycled after you wear them out? 🙂
If you stop by Target today, looking for the new Cynthia Vincent and Eugenia Kim collections, take a look at the old ones too for some deals and surprises.  My Target had plenty of Jean Paul Gaultier on the racks, reduced by 30%.  Watch, as once it’s reduced in-store, the online store usually follows suit (now reduced online.)
Pictured: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target  is now on sale for 30% off. 
Pictured: My local Target has restocked much of the Liberty of London line, including this cute floral tote.
If you dropped by Target today and picked up some Cynthia Vincent or Eugenia Kim, let me know what you think.  In my opinion, both lines offer some disposable, quick summer fashion.  They may not last long, but after all,  you get what you pay for.

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  1. Target-Addict

    April 19, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    The Cynthia Vincent gladiator wedge also comes in black, FYI (in addition to Cognac and Yellow). I saw them on Target's web site, but perhaps they are a web-only exclusive (?).