Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 Sales Round-up

Looking for a deal? Black Friday 2015 is here!   Black Friday is no longer the day after Thanksgiving,… [more]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 Sales Round-up Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 Sales Round-up

Saks Fifth Avenue: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

If you're lusting for luxury for less, then do shop Saks Fifth Ave's Black Friday, Cyber Monday and… [more]

Saks Fifth Avenue: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales Saks Fifth Avenue: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Black Friday Sales for 2015 at Target

If you're looking for bargains on Black Friday, then you'll want to check out Target's Black Friday preview… [more]

Black Friday Sales  for 2015 at Target Black Friday Sales  for 2015 at Target

Black Friday Sales at Nordstrom 2015

The Nordstrom Black Friday Preview is now on the Nordstrom website.   The sale will officially start… [more]

Black Friday Sales at Nordstrom 2015 Black Friday Sales at Nordstrom 2015

Maje Announces Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Deals

Maje puffball dress

On my Black Friday/Cyber Monday pick list–the Maje Puffball dress with red collar

Fashion brand Maje has announced their upcoming seasonal promotions and sales.  Yes, Maje will have deals on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  They are also partnering with an artist to design special holiday greeting cards that will be given with every purchase starting Black Friday, so clients can share the card with their loved ones. The special card will be designed by musician Zella Day to and will be given with every purchase in-store & online from Black Friday through December 31 in all North American points of sale.  The card will include a code to redeem a free download of one of Zella’s songs.  Read on to find out about apparel discounts that Maje will offer on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Of course, if you want to get a head start on the deals, click over to the sale that Maje is currently having on their website. Continue reading »

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Ready for Endless Summer with BIC® Soleil® Glow® razors


Getting ready to swim with the BIC Soleil Glow razors (photo M. Hall) 

Living in Los Angeles just a few blocks from the beach means you have to be ready to face the sun year-round.   There are many advantages of living near the beach and having year-round sun.  A few things I enjoy are being able to go to the outdoor pool year-round, swim in the ocean, or go out to dinner in a cocktail dress without having to wear tights or pantyhose.  The trade-off is that looking ready for the sun takes a bit of maintenance.  That means I frequently shave my legs and underarms. That makes it essential to have a gentle and reliable razor, like the BIC® Soleil® Glow® razors.   Continue reading »

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Balmain for H&M Returns Trickle Into Stores

Balmain_H&M _return_clothing

The returns are in: a few Balmain for H&M returns are back on display at H&M stores.

A few Balmain for H&M returns have started to trickle in.   My local store has several pairs of women’s pants (velvet and suede), bandeau tops (which probably never sold), oversized clip-on earrings,  caged booties, over the knee boots and men’s boots. The surprise for consumers is that if you buy one of these Balmain for H&M items, you can’t return them for a cash credit, you can only receive store credit. This is a sly way for H&M to deter the many folks trying to sell items on eBay from bringing them back.   And if you’ve looked at the Balmain for H&M items listed on eBay, then you know that many of the items with inflated price tags are not selling.  That means that eBay sellers may have to bring their prices down in order to sell.  If they don’t sell their Balmain for H&M items, then they will have to settle for store credit when they go to make returns at H&M as the 3 day return window has ended.

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THEIA Dress Giveaway


To celebrate their new e-Commerce site, THEIA is giving away one of their beautiful dresses.

THEIA dresses (by Irish designer Don O’Neill) are beautiful and frequently seen on the red carpet from Nora Jones wearing a THEIA dress at the GRAMMY’s to Country Singer Lauren Alaina wearing a THEIA art deco-inspired dress at the recent CMAs.   Now you can have a chance to get your own THEIA dress.    To enter, simply head over go to the THEIA Couture website and enter your name and email for your chance to win.  Continue reading »

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Lilly Pulitzer Offers Birthday Deals for Shoppers


Until midnight Nov. 8th, Lilly Pulitzer is offering shoppers gifts with purchase when they buy a certain amount of merchandise.

Lilly Pulitzer is offering fans a chance to get complimentary gifts with purchase in celebration of the founder’s birthday.  So if you’re a Lilly Pulitzer lover, you may want to do some early Christmas shopping before midnight tonight, Nov. 8, 2015.   There’s everything from $98.00 pullover tops, to   shift dresses to distinctive Lilly Pulitzer totes and accessories to choose from to qualify for the gift with purchase.  Lilly lovers still smarting from the Lilly for Target debacle may enjoy this sale!

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Missed Balmain at H&M? Shop the Nordstrom Fall Sale


The Nordstrom Fall Clearance sale has begun offering great deals on quality fashion, beauty and accessories.

If you missed getting your Balmain on at H&M, have a look at the Nordstrom Fall Clearance event on in stores and online now. There are no stampedes or crazy shoppers to fight with, just quality merchandise. Nordstrom also offers petites, misses and plus sizes, so there is something for everyone at this sale.   The Nordstrom sale is on until November 15th, so it’s a great way to get yourself something special or do some early Christmas/Holiday shopping. Here’s a look at some of my sale favorites for Fall from Nordstrom. Continue reading »

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The Recessionista Reviews Balmain for H&M

Balmain HM_collage_recessionista

Shopping my local H&M store this am, which surprisingly had the Balmain collection.

By now you’ve heard the story of the sales of Balmain for H&M–the website crashed, the H&M mobile app connected to the website failed and there were massive  lines all around the world for the collection. Not a surprise, the collection sold out quickly.  But was all the drama worth it?  H&M customers were not happy that the site & app crashed and were very vocal about it on social media.  Shoppers voiced the outrage over not being able to buy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   I was not happy at going out last night to attend the press preview and being made to wait  on the street for 30 minutes, only to come into the store to find the racks empty. Many of those who did buy –thousands in fact– are reselling already on eBay for huge mark-ups.  If you’re feeling bad that you may have missed the opportunity to buy, then I would say wait about  3 days and check your local H&M store for returns.  I do think there are going to be returns and buyer’s remorse.  I was able to buy several pieces of the collection today in store, and I know I am going to return some of them.  Following is my review,  after getting to actually go into the fitting room and try pieces on. Continue reading »

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Balmain for H&M Press Preview Event is a Sellout


The line for the Balmain for H&M Press Preview tonight on Sunset. It was cold and windy.

Tonight I was invited to the press preview for the forthcoming Balmain for H&M collection. I was very disappointed as the event was sold out about 30 min after it’s 7:00 pm start time.   After waiting in the cold, windy weather on Sunset Boulevard for a half-hour, I finally was admitted to the store to see the empty racks. (note even handicapped people on the guest list were made to wait in the line in the cold.) Everything except T-shirts, accessories and a few striped shirts was gone.  Fellow shoppers told me that 2 hours before the press was admitted celebrities and stylists were admitted, and they bought just about everything.  By the time the press event was supposed to start, just about everything was gone.  Needless to say the press, fashion bloggers and stylists admitted to the empty racks were not happy.   Even more disturbing, people in line to buy items clearly had bought with no discernable limits.   There seemed to be hoarding, and eventually, you can expect some of the items to be listed among the hundreds already for sale on eBay. Continue reading »

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Rules for Shopping Balmain for H&M

balmain-hm-sweater skirt

Balmain H&M sweater and skirt on sale Nov. 5th. (Image via H&M)

H&M has announced their rules for shopping the Balmain collection on Nov. 5th.  So if you like this collection, and have your shopping strategy in place (read our top Balmain for H&M  picks post) then get prepared to wait in line at the store an in the queue online.   The collection will available in select stores from 8 am local time and online from 8 am EST US on November 5, 2015.  In the UK/Europe the collection will go on sale in stores at 9 am GMT.   Read on to learn when to shop, how many items you can buy and when to try to shop.  Generally, plan to get to the store very early to get into the lines.

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Pia Gladys Perey Shows Gorgeous Dresses for Spring 2016


Designer Pia Gladys Perey (center) flanked by models at her Spring 2016 show in Los Angeles (photo M.Hall)

Australian Designer Pia Gladys Perey recently showed her Spring 2016 collection during an intimate, celebrity studded dinner at the Sofitel in Los Angeles.   Ms. Perey is well known in Australia and by celebrity stylists for her beautifully draped evening gowns and cocktail dresses. She was recently featured in Vogue UK as one of the up-and-coming brands to watch out for in the fashion world. However, her Los Angeles presentation/fashion show was her first showing in Los Angeles for the press, fashion bloggers and celebrities.  Ms. Perey has also established a Los Angeles showroom.  Here’s why you should put her flattering and stylish dresses on your fashion/shopping watch list.

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