Oscar Beauty Tips from Oil of Olay’s Celeb Make-up Artist

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Celebrity Make-up Artist Bruce Grayson works on a client

Did all of you enjoy last night’s Oscars telecast and red carpet beauty pageant? Judging by the number of Tweets and Facebook posts on the Oscars,  I would say yes, you did!  I think one of the reasons we all tune in every year is to get a vicarious taste of all the fashion and glamour on the red carpet.  If we like styles on the Red Carpet, I think we all want to know how we can recreate them at home.  Last night I was fortunate enough to attend a P&G Beauty Event (Twitter hashtag #PGRedCarpet) for the Oscars.  P&G (Procter & Gamble) is the maker of beauty products like Oil of Olay and Covergirl.   These products are readily available at the drugstore for reasonable prices.  Here’s how Olay’s Celebrity Makeup Artist, Bruce Grayson tells you how to get the top 3 beauty trends seen at last night’s 85 Academy Awards using these affordable products.  Check out his  tips on how to emulate the Oscar beauty looks. 

Oscar Beauty Trend 1:  WOW! Eyes: “Classic Hollywood eyes are created by incorporating just the right amount of drama and finishing off with a strong lash. I like to prep lashes with the new Olay Regnerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Serum and Lash Duo, because the serum works to instantly thicken and nourish, while separating the lashes for easy mascara application, laying the base for ultra-sexy eyes.”

Jennifer Lawrence on the Oscars Red Carpet

  • TIP: To create a bold smoky eye, I suggest creating a dark glossy eyelid in blue or gray to create depth, and finish with a few swipes of lash-enhancing mascara. And don’t forget your brows! Create highly defined, dense brows to accentuate your eyes.
  • Celebs who had an eye moment: Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried

 Oscar Beauty Trend 2: Luminous Skin: “Glowing, flawless skin was seen on virtually every woman at last night’s Oscars.  Skin prep is essential to create this look (deep cleansing, exfoliation and moisturization is the key to ensure a fabulous complexion).  I always recommend Olay’s Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution as a tool for creating smooth skin.”

Reese Witherspoon at the Oscars

  •  TIP: I recommend mixing a highlighter with foundation to create a subtle overall glow – or for a more pronounced shimmer, use the highlighter as a final step on the cheeks, nose and along the brow bones
  • Celebs who rocked luminous skin: Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron

 Oscar Beauty Trend 2:    Bold Lips: “Hollywood glamour is defined by a bold lip.  And last night we saw this look defined with a classic red lip.  The great thing about a bold lip is that it really works to compliment your skin and overall look.

Jessica Chastain's Make-up on the Oscars Red Carpet.

Jessica Chastain’s Make-up on the Oscars Red Carpet.

  • TIP:   If you’re going red, use a red pencil over the entire lip to act as a base before applying lipstick, lastly seal it with a lip gloss, which will keep lips looking great, all night long.
  • Celebs who wore bold lips: Jessica Chastain, Oliva Munn

 What do you think readers? Any favorite make-up looks on the red carpet ?


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