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New Year’s Event Style: Think Diamante Sparkle

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Pictured: DKNYC Sequined Top on Sale at Macy’s for approx. $40.00 US

As New Year’s Eve parties beckon, I’m thinking of holiday style and sequins.  I bet you are too.  The French called it “Diamante.”  Today this mysterious term is more often called “Bling.”  But I prefer Diamante.  Diamante is the art of creating a sparkling effect using the reflection of gemstones.  During the Edwardian period, many society ladies and actresses began to wear Diamante headbands around the head or low on the forehead.  Of course the trend really took off in the 1920s with advent of the Flapper.  The Flappers elevated the art of Diamante with sequined skull caps, bright headbands and sequin encrusted gowns.  In recent years, designers have adapted the use of Diamante to sequined tops, 1920s inspired gowns, embellishments on shoes and tops.  If that weren’t enough sparkle, this season’s holiday jewelry consists of sparkling rings, glittering earrings and statement necklaces.    In his new book, “ The Style Checklist“, my chum Lloyd Boston talks about using a sequined tank as a core fashion piece for the holiday season.  “There are few items that flatter almost all women of any size, shape or age, ” says Lloyd. “Oddly enough, the sequined tank is one of them. Whether you are twenty something or seventy plus, the timeless elegance of a sequined embellishment is something that keeps you looking youthful.”  But does a sequined garment have a long shelf life? According to my style guru Lloyd, well yes it does  ” It is a forever garment ,”says Lloyd “that in proper measure says, sizzle, dazzle and shine!”  It stands to reason that sequins on your garment save you from buying expensive jewelry.  After all, if you’re wearing some great bling, there’s no need to pile on more.

Pictured: Diamante Sparkle from a 1920s style cap from Erin Fetherston’s Juicy Couture collection.

If you’re looking for some New Year’s Style, here are some of my favorite Diamante tops and fashion accessories:

  • Foley and Corrina Limited Edition Embellished Top.  Foley is full of Glitter and Glam this season, check out my earlier post on all their great sequined tops and their glittering gold dress.
  • DKNYC Top, Short Sleeve Sequined Top on sale at Macy’s. You can’t go wrong with Donna Karan.  Her clothes are so comfortable and stylish.  I prefer a sequin top with short sleeves to a sleeveless tank, so I love this DKNYC top in blue.
  • MICHAEL Michael Kors Top, Sequined Sleeveless Tank on sale at Macy’s for $54.99.  This tank comes in holiday gold which will match any black sweater of blazer for a style statement.
  • Henri Bendel has all manner of sparkly indulgences  for New Years. Plus FREE GROUND SHIPPING on website orders. Just enter PARTYPREP at checkout.  If you’re a Bendel girl, take a look at these earrings.
  • H&M: Their holiday collection offers embellished sweaters, dazzling tops and some terrific holiday headbands and clutches.
  • Juicy Couture: Check out Erin Fetherston’s Juicy Collection, lots of holiday sparkle and it’s all on sale.   I love The Great Gatsby styled sequined skull cap tailor made for Daisy Buchanan.
  • Simply Vera at Kohl’s has a great sequined tank top in all purpose black is an all purpose top for New Year’s and beyond.  The top is on sale for $24.99.
  • White House Black Market: Take a look at the sparkling rings, shawls/scarves and jewelry.  There’s lots of great party wear on sale.

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