Isaac Mizrahi Previews his Malibu Style Collection in a Fashion Show in Los Angeles

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Pictured: Isaac Mizrahi’s Malibu Style Show at the Grove (photos: M. Hall) 

Designer Isaac Mizrahi previewed his new Malibu Style Collection today at the Grove Shopping Center in Los Angeles.  I was in attendance and had the chance to see first hand what this collection is all about. This isn’t so much a fashion collection as a colorful group of of driving accessories to compliment Chevrolet’s new Malibu car.  Chevrolet is definitely going after women with their new car with  it’s light up blue rimmed dashboard.  To get fashionista’s ready to drive off the lot in style, designer Mizrahi came up with  six fashion pieces ranging in price from $73.00 to $298.00 US.   From the prices, you can see this is not a cheap collection, despite that fact that it will be sold on deal website Living Social on Oct. 16th. Prices range from $73.00 to $298.00.

The Malibu Style collection includes:

  • Red Moccasins : $110.
  • Blue Silk Crepe Blouse with hidden buttons: $140.
  • Black leather jacket with quilted detailing, with interior blue stitching similar to stitching in the car: $298.
  • Cobalt blue leather tote bag with a silver I for Isaac: $260.
  • Red skinny jeans: $73.
  • Oversized watch with blue face inspired by car’s interior lighting: $110.
Pictured: Isaac with Maria Menounos & models (photo: M. Hall)
On the stage at the Grove the six piece collection was a bit confusing.  That’s because the models were wearing clothes that weren’t in the collection.   There was a great looking magenta dress, but it wasn’t part of the collection.  Isaac’s muse, Heather (see photo above, the girl in the red pants), one of the four women he claims to have been inspired by had the look with most of the collection pieces: the leather jacket, the tote bag, the red pants and the red moccasins.  

Pictured: The Malibu Collection blue “I” tote priced at $260.00 US (photo: M. Hall)

I asked fashion show attendee Joyce Ruben what she thought of the collection. ” Well, we’ve seen a lot of this before.  The red shoes and pants can be found at the Gap and the blue bag is copied everywhere right now,” noted Ms. Ruben. Without product samples to see up close, it’s hard to tell what the quality of the pieces are and how they differ from other items already in the market.  Today’s fashion show provided a fleeting glimpse of the pieces. There’s no designer show room or store front to get an up close look at them.  One thing is for sure, this is a unique marketing approach to reaching women who love fashion and are looking for a new car.   A collection designed by Isaac Mizrahi, a household name since he designed for Target and then QVC, will put Chevrolet’s new car at the center of the media.  I’m test driving the Malibu  car right now, and I can attest that it does have the great dashboard and ambient blue lighting that Isaac says he was inspired by.  It will be interesting to see if women respond the same way to the Malibu Style collection as men have responded to accessory collections like those Ferrari has done to match the style of their cars.


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