Is the Rachel Zoe Clothing Line the Latest Recession Fashion Victim?

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Pictured: The Celeb Style of Rachel Zoe (via NY Magazine).

Both the Huffington Post and the Daily Mail report that the recently launched Rachel Zoe clothing line is in trouble.   I’ve seen the line on sale at both Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus in Los Angeles, and even at a discount or on sale, the line is still very pricey.  It’s possible that Ms. Zoe priced herself out of the fashion market place with a new line that didn’t yet resonant with consumers and thereby justify its high price tag.  And undisclosed source told the Daily Mail that London’s Selfridge’s department stores were pulling the line off shelves. “Her London launch didn’t go as well as she’d hoped. Selfridges dropped her clothing line because it was very expensive. ‘They still have her shoe collection but the clothing line wasn’t as successful as hoped, ” says the anonymous tipster.  In the US, Page Six notes that sales of Zoe’s line in the states are not as robust as perhaps were expected.

I love a good 1960s style hostess gown myself, but not for almost $700.00.  It’s not only the prices that may be off-putting for consumers, it’s also the style.  Some of the faux fur jackets might best be worn by Stevie Nick’s Rhiannon or celebrities, they might just not suit the average Bloomies shopper, not the way dresses by Michelle Smith for Milly by Michelle do. Is Ms. Zoe ready to say “I Die” for real? 🙂   I wouldn’t count Zoe out. However, I think she may want to do more with low-priced outlets like QVC and leave the high-priced apparel lines to more established brands. Just a thought for The Recessionista peanut gallery.


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  1. Devon Spunter

    September 5, 2012 at 5:57 am

    Rachel Zoe just needs to get back on that horse and start designing those fabulous dresses. If not, she'll fall victim to her very own talent. The critics would love to pounce on her too.