Hot off the Press: Discount on the DKNY Cozy

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Deal alert, the colorful and versatile DKNY “Cozy” wrap is on sale for 10% off its retail price on the DKNY site, when you join the site and become a member.  When you visit the site, check out the cool “Cozy” video. The video was a collaboration between DKNY and Kelly Cutrone (star of Bravo’s Kell on Earth).  Its a great piece of marketing.  You get the energy and the street vibe of NY married to the chic of DKNY. After all, that is what DKNY fashion is all about, New York Heart and Soul.  If you haven’t seen it, the cozy is the perfect investment piece since it can be worn a variety of ways, for one price.  The Cozy owes much its precursor, Norma Kamali’s “All In One Top.”

 Pictured: A few ways to wear the colorful DKNY cozy. (Photo courtesy of DKNY)
If you’re on the West Coast, catch Kell on Earth on Bravo tonight, Monday March 29th at 10 pm PST/9 CST  to see the behind the scenes look at the making of the video on the streets of NY.  Also, join us on Twitter to ask @BRAVOTV to not make this the last season of Kell on Earth (use the hashtag #Kellonearth.)  Sure, Kell on Earth has some rough edges at times. I hate to see the interns with the dark circles under their eyes, but hey, that is at least real.  For myself, I am sick of the multiple versions of the Real Housewives of xxx City (NY, Atlanta, Orange County,New Jersey).  None of these ladies like each other, few of them hold jobs and watching the endless in-fighting is getting painful.  Enough of the table flipping, the wig pulling, the cat fighting and name calling worse than any high school clique. Give me the story of a real women trying to hold her business together during the recession any day.  I prefer the real to the Botox. Any day, any time.  Bravo, are you listening?

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