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HLN Making it America

Today is a big day at The Recessionista.  I’ll be appearing on Headline News Making It In America today, Tuesday Jan 29th at 4:40 pm EST/1:40 pm PT.  I look forward to having the chance to appear and tell my story.  It’s not easy to build a small business in the midst of a global recession.   When you’re a small business, the business becomes an extension of you.  The biggest investment for a Small Business Owner is sweat equity/hard work and personal savings, rather than big budget marketing, advertising , TV campaigns or TV appearances.  I’m sure many bloggers and small business owners know what I am talking about.

The Recessionista has grown from a humble start as a free site on Google Blogspot using Blogger to the more fully functioning larger website it is today. Social Media has played a huge role in the growth of this small business, enabling growth via zero budget marking.  Making a personal connection to readers and building following have been key to the growth of The Recessionista. Thanks to everyone who visits here and reads this blog/website for being part of that success.   I’ll be discussing social business today on the HLN program and I hope you will all tune in.

You can also follow the social conversations today on Twitter via @Recessionista  and  @HLNMakingIt . The  Twitter hashtag to follow the conversations is  #MakingIt.   Hope you join today, Jan 29th at 4:40 pm EST/1:40 pm PT and listen or comment here on the program.

PS: If you missed the program, you can watch the segment here from the player above.




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  1. Linda Arroz

    January 29, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    Congratulations Mary! Hope you mention that someone is violating your Trademark of Recessionista