Happy Halloween! Cheap and Cheerful is the Way to Go

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Pictured: A local artist recreated the Mummy for their Beverly Hills window, (photo, M. Hall , The Recessionista.) Boo!

As everyone knows, today is “All Hallows Eve” or Halloween. This is an annual fun event for kids and adults alike. This week my friend Maggie treated us to her annual old fashioned pumpkin carving. Everybody gets silly and carves up their own pumpkin (average price well under $10.00). It is always a great old fashioned good time. Check out the “smiling pumpkin” photo below to see the results.

Pictured: Jack O’ Lanterns from the Pumpkin Carving Party, photo by Maggie Read Photography

Everyone who came contributed something, whether it was cheap & cheerful vino, corny jokes or some fabulous roasted pepper and black bean soup. I enjoy the pumpkin carving much more than some of the over the top Halloween balls that are going on around town, with ticket prices of $80.00 plus . The pumpkin carving party doesn’t feature a DJ blasting loud music, or dancing zombies. Instead, the party offers conversations and the simple joys of carving a pumpkin. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. It’s a cheap and cheerful delight. Here are some of the results.

Pictured: The Jack O’ Lantern Line Up, (photo, M. Hall , The Recessionista.)

Pictured: The Recessionista Pumpkin, with false eyelashes, bee stung lips and fashion earrings, waiting to be carved.

Pictured: Carving up “The Recessionista “Pumpkin, turning vision into reality!

Happy Halloween readers! I hope you enjoy a cheap and cheerful feast tonight with friends, family and kids. If you’re still looking for a fun costume to make on the cheap, check out these tips from my fellow bloggers, including the fabu-less Frugalista! The article is entitled Cheap and Last minute Halloween Costumes.

If you believe in ghosts and you’re looking for some cheap and cheerful Halloween entertainment, here are some websites worth a look.

HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD. All the places where you can find ghosts in Tinseltown.
Video: The Hollywood Roosevelt and Marilyn Monroe’s Ghost
Haunted Ghost Tours (America)
Haunted Houses
The New Orleans Ghost Tour ( a personal favorite! )
Ghosts of the UK

If you have a favorite website, please write in and post here so all can enjoy.

Happy Halloween!
Bon Fête (Happy Celebration)


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