Halloween Costume Picks: Scary Savings

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Pictured: Halloween costumes. decorations and even jewelry are available from Kohl’s at sale prices

Are you ready for Halloween? Is your shopping done for a costume? Or maybe you’re just looking around for some fun treats. There are always a number of ways to go for Halloween costumes.  You can go straight over the top for horror or fun (think Lady Gaga or a Twilight Werewolf) or go in an elegant costume that you can wear later.   If elegant is your pick, consider  They are offering sequined flapper type gowns with fringe for a 1920s flapper look and elegant evening dresses that you can use to play your favorite movie star or fashionista.  eDressMe’s sale with a FREE mask and discounted second day air shipping using code: Spoke15  can make for a great Halloween costume that you can reuse for a holiday or a night out.

Pictured: Look for costumes that can be worn later at

If you’re more into getting scary instead of than chic, then consider some of the most popular costumes according to website Extreme Halloween: Lady Gaga, Avatar, Betty White and the kids from Jersey Shore.   The kids from Jersey Shore are pretty horrifying in my opinion, and it’s definitely an easy look to recreate using everyday household items.:) If you want to buy one of these charming costumes (and I use that term loosely) as a pre-packaged set, then look for coupon codes for discounts at deals include savings at stores like Kmart and Sears.  Kohl’s also has some great Halloween costumes at great prices. Look for coupons on their website for savings.  They even have cool candy corn bracelets and ghost earrings.

For more cool costumes, check your local Goodwill store.  Many of the stores have costumes that were worn once, and then donated.  Buying from Goodwill can bring you a great looking costume that benefits charities.

Pictured: A screen shot from Target’s ad showing an “alleged” homemade costume.

Perhaps one of the scariest things I’ve seen this Halloween season in the Target ad showing an unhappy child wearing a home made “Iron Man” costume.  Check out Target-Addict’s post on the Target ad that unleashed the wrath of the Moms, Bloggers and the hybrid of the two, Mom Bloggers.  Hell hath no fury like the angry Blogger. The ad was a bit of a PR faux pas to say the least.  After all, there’s nothing wrong with a cool home made costume that doesn’t bear a tag marked flammable or may cause “choking.” A home made costume is a great way to express your individuality, or showcase your Mom’s sewing talents.  Not to mention saving some dollars.


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