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Groupon Class Action Settlement: Refunds for Expired Groupons

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If you’re a Groupon customer, and I know many of my readers are, then you’ll be interested to know that a new class action settlement against Groupon may allow you to receive a refund for Groupons that you purchased but didn’t use.  Here are the details. Friday I received an email from Groupon entitled “Notice of Class Action Settlement Regarding Groupon Vouchers. According to the email, under the terms of a pending class action lawsuit settlement, Groupon users may be eligible to receive a refund for Groupons that were purchased, but were not used between November 1, 2008 and December 1, 2011. However, to claim your refund, you need to fill  a form to obtain settlement benefits are available at:  I like this potential settlement, because if you pay for something, you should be able to use it and get your money’s worth.  So take a look at the settlement site, because the  last day to exclude yourself from the settlement or to object to the settlement is July 6, 2012.  Go into your Groupon account and take a look at the Groupons deposited in your account to see what you haven’t used yet. I’ve also had good luck reaching out directly to merchants about unused Groupons to see if they will still honor them. Most still will, and are very happy to do so. It’s easier to reach out to merchants, and quicker too, than doing the forms on a class action website.  But it depends what your goal is–whether you want the original Groupon honored or would prefer a settlement/refund.  Only you can decide.

I wonder what this settlement will mean for other coupon websites, especially Trubates, who went out of business earlier this year.


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