Gilt Fuse Ettika Bracelet Giveaway: Crunchy Cute

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Pictured: Ettika Linen Bracelet

We have a little Recessionista Reward for our readers to end this week. I want to thank you to all you for reading, sharing your comments and thoughts. I know everyone is working hard in some tough times, and I want to say THANK YOU to all who have stopped by to read my words, post a comment or write me a nice email! In gratitude, I’m doing a giveaway in cooperation with Gilt Fuse: Bohemian bracelets from Ettika. One lucky winner will be selected to receive the bracelets. Check out these adorable accessories, because they are very “crunchy cute.” Even if you are not into the hippy look, these are a perfect summer/hot weather look.

Pictured: Ettika Leather Bracelets
Bracelets, or any chic accessory are a wonderful way to revitalize an item you may already have in your closet, or add a special touch to a new piece. I like to hear them jingling on my wrists as I move along. It makes me feel good. Like maybe I have some secret money stash or something. Illusions and visions of coinage can be so important. It’s almost like a personal ka’ching with each chic stride I take 🙂 The Ettika bracelets are a nice compliment to the Plenty by Tracy Reese sale this Friday, August 28th on GILT FUSE. Personally, I would pair the bracelets with one of my favorites, a Tracy Reese Maxi Dress like the one below. I may have to just check tomorrow to see what Gilt sells this little gem for.

Pictured: Match your bracelets with a chic & comfy maxi dress, like this Plenty halter dress by Tracy Reese.

To see more Ettika jewelry check out Gilt Fuse’s sale on Monday the 31st. Click here to join Gilt as my guest.

To enter to win the bracelets, read on.

Winners will be chosen from all NEW and EXISTING blog readers. If you are not already a subscriber, enter here. I will pull winners by EOD Aug. 28 ,2009 to give all readers time to enter. Winners will be chosen from all over the globe, and I will personally cover the shipping costs.

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Good luck to all! THANKS TO ALL !!!


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