Fashions Inspired by Dallas? HSN Launches Dallas Boutique

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HSN thinks consumers might like Dallas styles

 What do you think of a line of fashions inspired by the new version of the TV show Dallas?  To me it sounds a little passe. Maybe that would’ve been hot in the original show’s heyday, but I am not sure sure that its going to resonate with shoppers now. Last night Home Shopping Network (HSN),  TNT and Warner Bros. Television Group debuted a Dallas online boutique on HSN  “inspired” by  TV show.  The collection features fashions already on HSN that portray the style of some of shows characters.  The  inspired looks were selected by the show’s costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin.  For example, there is a whole online boutique devoted to styles that Sue Ellen might like.  Some of the looks picked for each  character are from the HSN collections of IMAN and Serena Williams.

The collection includes featured looks for:  Rebecca Sutter, Ann Ewing and Elena Ramos.   All I can say about this is that I just don’t know.  Will Dallas fans turn out in droves to emulate each character’s unique style using HSN collections as their style guide?

Will throwing the Dallas brand in front of HSN styles from  Giuliana Rancic , IMAN,Serena Williams, Ranjana Kahn , Vince Camuto , Robert Verdi , Jessica Simpson , Carlos Falchi, Fern Mallis and Sam Edelman help them sell?  I’m skeptical.  What do you think?  Seems like some marketing hype to tag onto a popular TV show.   My favorite pick in the HSN stores is the DKNY pebbled chiffon blouse for $69.00.  The DKNY items are shown in the  Rebecca Sutter boutique and those are the ones I like best.   The rest, well, I just don’t know about it.

Have you seen this boutique readers? What do you think?


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