eBay’s Designer “You Can’t Fake Fashion Bags” Sell Out, Only Plain Totes Remain

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Pictured: You Can’t Fake Fashion eBay Bags Sell Out.

Last week, our chums over at the eBay Fashion Vault announced that they had partnered with the CFDA and haute hot designers like Calvin Klein, Tory Burch, Milly by Michelle Smith, Diane von Furstenberg, Rodarte, Kenneth Cole, Coach and Peter Som to make a collection of uniquely styled canvas bags to fight counterfeiting.  Truly a worthy goal. I mean I wouldn’t want all those faux Louis Vuittons and Birkins to keep running around NY and Santee Alley in Downtown LA.  Let’s put an end to this needless struggle to keep up with the Jones and maintain the exclusivity of that 10k + Birkin bag.  But seriously, ok counterfeiting is bad because it funds drugs, etc.  Years ago, I mentioned that to an LA socialite who was upset that she couldn’t get the White LV Murakami bag in the Alma style, so she was looking for a good fake.  When I told her the fakes funded illegal activities like drug rings and terrorism, she responded, “Frankly, I could care less. I just want my Murakami Alma bag for a special event.”

So what’s the answer when you have these women who not just want, but are convinced they truly need the latest bag trend? 🙂 Well, eBay thought the answer would be to raise money via selling some cool looking canvas bags, made by famous designers that had a cheeky “You Can’t Fake Fashion Bags”  tagline.   Or did they? Well, in the blink of an eye the bags have sold out, and there is not even a wait list to get another :)! Most ironically, one of my favorite reads, Styleite reports that because there were only 50 made of each of the  designer-edition totes, priced at  $150 US “the collaboration has netted a whopping $7,500 for the CFDA’s fight against counterfeiting.”  That’s not exactly enough to stop the multi-billion dollar faux bag industry.  Ironically, it has only created another kind fashion snobbery, the exclusive “You Can’t Fake Fashion” Canvas Bags limited edition bag. I wonder how long before the designer bags will be resold on eBay by individual sellers for well over $150.00 US. I’m sure that is already happening.

If you still feel like fighting fakes by buying from eBay, there are a some of the $35.00 non -designer designed plain canvas totes still available. If several thousand of those could be sold, that might actually help make some kind of contribution to stopping counterfeits.


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    July 12, 2011 at 5:49 am

    Hate the fakes… thanks for the great article… xxx

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