Dev Patel (aka Slumdog Millionaire) and Fav Blogger Stephen Fry Step Out in Burberry for the BAFTA Britannia Awards in Los Angeles

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Pictured: A Recession Cinderfella, the Slumdog Millionaire Star Dev Patel Sparkles at the BAFTA Awards in Burberry. His date is the lovely Freida Pinto in a beautiful, updated Valentino little black dress.

I don’t usual follow celebrity sightings around Los Angeles. I’ve become immune to the images of hotel heiresses in various shades of what I can only call “hooker wear.” And then there are the various B-listers teetering on high-heels while their strapless gowns fall out of place. As we all know, you can buy clothing, but not necessarily good taste. That’s why I loved seeing two of my favorite public figures, who are not fashionistas, step out last night looking classy and sophisticated. Burberry dressed British actor Dev Patel and actor/master blogger Stephen Fry for The BAFTA Britannia Awards. Ironically, the awards took place last night here in LA-LA land (Los Angeles) at The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza .

Dev Patel, the Indian actor who become a big star last year with Slumdog, was a presenter. He looked amazing in a steel blue mohair 2-button suit, white tuxedo pleated dress shirt, tie and black smooth leather lace up boots all by Burberry. Personally, I don’t think Dev is worried too much about fashion, but he certainly knows when to dress up.

Pictured: One of my favorite Bloggers, Twitters and Actors, Stephen Fry steps out in a classic Burberry Tux at BAFTA. Oscar Wilde would be so proud!

And then there was the ever witty, and entertaining Stephen Fry who also donned Burberry. He wore a classic black 2-button suit, white tuxedo pleat dress shirt and a black bow tie all by Burberry to host the awards ceremony. Bottom line, if you’ve got a big event coming up, you might want to invest in a look that is classic. Just look at how good these two non-fashion plates look! I have to tell you, these two looked.much better than many of the fashionistas I witnessed on the so called Rodeo “Walk of Style” Red Carpet recently.

Note to self: I must check on when the annual big Burberry sale is coming up….mmm… maybe pre-Black Friday this year? 🙂 Burberry does have outlet stores, so check this helpful list for their locations. When in London, I always try to visit that outlet store. I’m sure fellow blogger 00oo00 is a VIP at the Burberry London Outlet.

As you may have noticed from the event pictures, one of the event sponsors was American Airlines. They are having an amazing Winter Fare sale right now, that I feel I must mention, even though the savings are not related to fashion. If you’re looking for savings on holiday airfares, be sure and check it out.

PS–Note to Stephen Fry, keep tweeting! We need your entertaining blog posts and tweets!


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  1. 00o00

    November 7, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    hehehe i'm not a vip anywhere, still working on it!

    yea that outlet store is a little treasure trove. hmm maybe i should go visit if weather is fine tomorrow!