Customer Service: H&M Offers to Repair or Return My Versace for H&M Bag

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Last week I wrote about how disappointed I was that my new Versace for H&M bag’s carry handle/chain broke after just a few hours of use.  To my complete shock and surprise, I heard from H&M customer service today about the incident, and I have to give H&M big props for getting in touch with an offer to fix the bag or supply a return.  Here’s what they (H&M) had to say:

We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with your bag, and we would definitely love to help you. Here at H&M Customer Service, we are always on the look to see how we can make our customers even happier, and we love going the extra mile for them. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the bag, we can work with one of the stores to see if you can return it or exchange it for a new one.

The bag was not cheap, so if it was Nordstrom’s I would expect customer service of this kind or an offer of repair.  I didn’t expect H&M to offer to return the bag.  They also offered a discount coupon if I don’t want to return it.  Good deal. Thanks H&M customer service.


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