Chanel Vintage Treasures Auctioned in Paris

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Pictured: Samples of the Chanel garments from the auction at Paris’ Drouot Riche­lieu Auc­tion House

I’m weeping bitter tears as I write this, since I couldn’t afford a trip to Paris to go to the Chanel auction.  Yes, 800 beautiful and some vintage Chanel garments were put on the auction block in Paris last Thursday.  Si injuste (so unjust) that The Recessionista does not have unlimited means to go buy Chanel overseas.  I was  hard at work on the day of the auction, but I am really enjoying looking at the pieces that went on sale, and I thought my readers might enjoy seeing them too. As you can see from the above photo, there were classic collarless suits, classic drop waist gowns from the 1920s and her trademark camellias.  There was also plenty of Chanel’s jewelry and even buttons from Chanel garments.  Some of the buttons are works of art themselves.  I have been known to buy the buttons and turn them into brooches and pendants.  I have Chanel faux pearl earrings that I bought on eBay that will be transformed to brooches.

What’s interesting about the marketing for the auction was that is was billed as an opportunity to people with limited means to own an exclusive Chanel garment. Reportedly, it took a year to assemble the 820 pieces that were part of the auction. Many came from private collections.  Some pieces were behind ropes, but others were accessible to attendees who could touch them and even try them on.   To see the auction and the lucky French ladies trying on the garments, click here to watch video from the Australian Broadcasting network.

Pictured: A beautiful vintage Chanel beaded, drop waist gown from the 1920s. J’adore!

“These are dresses which have lived during Mademoiselle Chanel’s time, which went to the most famous parties, which were admired and worn by gorgeous women,” said auctioneer Cornette de Saint Cyr. “And they will be worn again by gorgeous women. That’s what I want: For (the garments) to live again.”

If only they could live again with recessionistas everywhere! 🙂


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  1. The Fashionable Traveler

    February 28, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    How divine! What fun it would have been to have been there in person and seen all of those wonderful things up close. Thanks for sharing!

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