Beach Bag Essentials: Something for Everyone

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As someone who lives at the beach year round, I feel uniquely qualified to talk about beach bag essentials. When I escape to the local sandy shores for a day of chill-laxing, my bag is usually overflowing with goodies. Typically, I need extra sunglasses, my music via my cool iPod, a cover-up or sarong, and finally stacks of books and magazines. Where ever you are reading from in the world, I am sure you are the same. So in my search for the best prices on some of my favorite beach bag items, I came across some great stuff over at that I want to share with The Recessionista’s readers. Overstock ships internationally, so whether you are going to Brighton Beach, Miami Beach, Long Island, St. Tropez, Glen Lake, Michigan, Bondi Beach or other sunny shores, you can take advantage of these deals.

Pictured: A selection of well priced cover-ups and beach essentials from

One cool thing I spotted immediately is the great selection of cover-ups and sun protective items they have. There are chic wide brimmed hats plus good sunscreens. It’s important to be relatively incognito at the beach after all. I’m there to getaway, not to do a “meet & greet.” A huge hat and Jackie O shades are the keys to escape for me.

A fashionable beach tote announcing my presence as being “cool” is also essential. I love some of the vintage looking bags that Overstock has. Check out all the colors, styles and materials. Everything from straw to plastic.

Pictured: An assortment of colorful beach totes

Pictured: One of my favorite beach looks. A colorful straw bag. These are $19.99 on Overstock.

But the pièce de résistance, the cherry on the cake of my day at the beach is the entertainment gadgets that I carry with me. This is my final must-have for a day of relaxation. I need my Oasis, Beatles, Paul Weller and Collective Soul on the iPod and at the ready. Without them, it’s just not the same. You can’t enjoy lounging at the beach without listening to Carnation a few times.

Pictured: My entertainment items for my beach bag include the essential iPod, books and maybe even a good digi– camera.

Most of the items are offered at 60% off department store prices. Their domestic shipping is usually just $2.95. And they now ship to over 35 countries around the world so all recessionistas can enjoy a great bargain.

So, what’s in your beach bag?


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