Angelina’s Oscar Emerald Earrings for Less: A Few Options in Unlikely Places

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Pictured: Some Emerald Earrings from Overstock.com (more affordable than Angelina’s earrings 🙂 )

If you’re like me, you may have thought one of the most elegant and classiest looks from last week’s Oscars was Angelina Jolie’s simple black strapless dress with those stunning emerald earrings. I gasped when I saw those, they were so gorgeous. To my surprise, Overstock.com has a couple of real emerald earrings with diamond accents for a lot less. Above are the options available on their site. I checked out this pair pictured below. I love the pear shape.

Pictured: Real Emerald Pear Shaped Earrings from Overstock.com

I also like that there are user reviews on the Overstock site that tell you how other shoppers rate the product. These earrings received a 5 star rating, so I feel comfortable letting The Recessionista’s readers know about them. Best of all for our International readers, Overstock.com Inc. has begun selling outside the U.S. to consumers in Canada, the UK and countries in the European Union. Consumers in 34 countries can now order from the mass merchandise retailer, and Overstock says it plans to expand to more countries over the next year. Check their website for details. They also sell stock from a wide variety of countries, so it’s truly a world market.

I’ve never shopped Overstock before, but I have to admit their selection, low shipping costs and variety are very impressive. After I post this, I am going to sign up for their newsletter on their site to see if I can get additional discounts on their items via their newsletter. I believe thrifty recessionistas can ferret out promo codes from their newsletter and coupon websites to shave a little more off those earrings! Click here to see a 10% off coupon I received from their newsletter.

And back to Angelina’s earrings, I also found a very cheap pair of earrings with a similar look sometime ago at discounter Forever 21. Here’s that picture from my own jewelry box of these “faux” emerald earrings.

Pictured: Forever 21 Fake Emerald Drop Earrings from my own jewelry box

I don’t know if Forever 21 still has any of these in the store, but they were only about $10.00 when I bought these. Of course, with Forever 21, be forewarned, if you go into their store, please note your hearing may possibly become impaired. Their in store “muzak” is blasting at ear shattering levels. The music is a reminder that I am alas, not Forever 21. However, the price is right for some things there, some of the time.

NOTE: Angelina Jolie’s stunning bright green emerald earrings at the 2009 Oscars were provided by Fred Leighton.


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  1. The Budget Babe

    June 17, 2009 at 2:36 pm

    Wonderful options! This look will never go out of style 🙂