Alexander Julian Partners with Doncaster on the launch of Pell & Co.

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Pictured: The new Pell & Co collection updates classic fashions

I love a good story of a fashion house that has survived not only the great depression, but now, the great recession and is still being innovative. Since 1931 the Doncaster Collar and Shirt Company has provided shirts for men. Since1935, the company has provided shirt dresses for women.  Their designs are classic and have spanned generations. The shirt dresses were predominantly sold via word of mouth, with women telling their friends about them.   Before the days of blogs, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, that is how women typically shared their fashion likes. Now, we have social sharing, so I’m posting about the new collaboration between Alexander Julian and Doncaster to let you all know about the The Pell & Co. collection for Spring 2012.  It’s been too long since I’ve seen anything new from Alexander Julian, so this collection piques my fashion interest. Alexander Julian is a designer known for gorgeous prints, one-of-a-kind washes, and classic tailoring.  There’s nothing hip and trendy about the Pell & Co collection, but the pieces are practical and good looking. The collection offers Julian’s distinctive colorful stripes and prints in soft spring colors.

Pictured: The Pell & Co Shirtdress for  Spring, a Classic the never fades made of silk & cotton.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I could see many women loving the easy look on the Pell & Co shirt dress.  The prices aren’t cheap, dresses are $350.00, but the fabrics are cotton and silk, not polyester. Shirts are priced at a bit less, about $250.00.  Naturally, I’ll be watching for sales and coupons, because I think my Mom would love these garments. I’m so glad to see something new from Alexander Julian!


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