Alexa Chung to Collaborate with M&S (Marks and Spencer)


Alexa Chung poses in a pretty pink blouse from her upcoming collaboration with Marks and Spencer.

Marks and Spencer has announced a new fashion collaboration with super model Alexa Chung called  “Archives by Alexa.”  The fashion collaboration will be  curated Alexa Chung and the M&S design team. The collection sounds a bit like Marks & Sparks greatest hits featuring 31 pieces from the Marks and Spencer company archive that will be refreshed with what the company calls ” a modern spin.”  “I have always had an affection for Marks & Spencer. I am thrilled to be part of this special and unique project,” says Alexa.  Based on the success of the M&S collection with Twiggy, this could be another hit.  The initial preview picture of Ms. Chung in a ruffled collar pink blouse recalls the style of the young Lady Diana Spencer  when she was a preppy Sloane Ranger and not yet the Princess of Wales.  Look for “Archives by Alexa” in stores and online in April 2016.   I’m looking forward to seeing what the 31 pieces from the M&S archive are….the teaser picture makes me very curious.

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