FabFitFun Spring Box is Full of Value


The contents of the new Fab Fit Fun Spring 2015 box: lots of great beauty and fitness items.

FabFitFun has released its new spring box of beauty and fitness items.  I’ve received several surprise “boxes” in the last 6 months from various brands.  Some of them have just been downright ridiculous offering castaway items that you feel like a brand just wanted to get rid of to save on storage space costs or donate to get a tax write off on as a business loss. Those are the ones I don’t write about.  I’ve seen it all in these “boxes”  from cupcake mix to a necklace I wore exactly one time that fell apart.   Although the FabFitFun Box is always a surprise every season, it’s been my experience that if you are looking for a easy way  to get some great beauty products and products that will help you improve your fitness and lifestyle, then these boxes are a good deal. As a busy working women who has lost 35 pounds in the last year, these boxes are helpful.  I like the fitness DVDs, the discounts on groceries and products plus the cute little beauty items like brushes and the coasters. Those little items make me feel pampered and not deprived.  With Fab Fit Fun, four times a year  subscribers receive a box with over $200 worth of full-size fashion, beauty and fitness products.  Spoiler Alert: Read on to find out exactly what’s inside this box and why I think is full of great value.


The charming set of Bon Voyage coasters from the Spring Fab Fit Fun box features landmarks from great cities.

Here’s what’s inside this season’s Spring box of beauty, fitness, fashion, lifestyle, and home goods priced at $49.99. Some of the items, like the adorable Bon Voyage Coasters are things I had never heard of or seen before, but I love them! That’s what’s helpful about having a curated box of beauty and health items that have value.

 Hello Fresh Gift Card: $40 Off First Week of Delivery.  I’m really excited to try this one.  Hello Fresh delivers great recipes and fresh ingredients to your doorstep each week. Cook quick and healthy meals designed by nutritionists and chefs.  Getting groceries delivered to cook something healthy at home that I can eat on my diet is a dream come true.  I mean, why do your own shopping when help is available?

Vow to Be Chic Gift Card (sponsored) $125.00 value. This is a discount on a bridesmaid dress rental or a white dress rental for summer.    This could be a great way to avoid spending big bucks on a bridesmaid dress you may only wear once.
OFRA Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brush Duo (#11 and #20)  I haven’t tried these yet, but they look like great colors.   These colors can actually be worn with a variety of styles and colors.  OFRA Cosmetics has received great reviews from users (Google the brand and you’ll see them.)

Sprout It App Card + Miracle Grow Gro-able Seed Pod: BASIL Believe it or not, part of my diet and healthy leaving regime has been my garden and growing veggies.  I can’t wait to plant and grow the BASIL in the seed pot and try this app.  Growing your own vegetables not only saves money, it guarantees freshness and I find it relaxing.

Rifle Paper Co. Cities Coasters Set 
This is my favorite item in the box!  These little coasters with sights of New York, London, Paris and other famous cities is so charming.   I’d never heard of Riffle Paper Co, but now they are on my watch list.  The illustrations are so well done.

ORLY Nail BB Creme & ORLY Nail Polish “Cake Pop”  These are nice neutral shades for summer that will go with any outfit.  Nothing garish or shocking that you would be embarrassed to wear.

Merrithew 3 DVD Set “Intense Body Blast” + $25 Gift Card 
Anything that brings exercise into my home is goodness.  I like to go to the gym, but on nights when I am tired after work, these are great to stay home with and get some cardio.

Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster and Restoration Serum.  This products has 5 star reviews on AMAZON from users and it’s loaded with the right ingredients for anti-aging and rejuvenation like Vitamin C Serum With Vitamin C, E & Hyaluronic Acid.  The product literature says its made specifically for Anti-Aging through the creation of collagen eliminating wrinkles & fine lines with each use.

Jules Smith Scarf in Watercolor or Modern Art Prints  I’ve gotten scarves in a few mystery boxes that just got right to my favorite charity for donation.  These scarves are actually something I would wear because they are pretty.

 Yasi Metallic Flash Tattoos.  Quite simply tattoos as jewelry are an inexpensive and fun way to brighten any look.  I look forward to trying these.
Now that I told you what’s inside this box, I think you’ll agree it’s an introduction to some great products and services. Is there anything in the box I am not impressed with? Yes, there is, I don’t think the Carmel Popcorn with sugar is a good fit for a healthy lifestyle.  But some people will love this little treat on the theory of everything in moderation.  Just not me.
 If you’re interested in ordering a box, here’s a savings tip. Use code FABULESS and take $10 off your first box.  Just a little tip from The Recessionista.  Why pay $49.99 when you can pay $39.99.
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