Sponsored Post: Alex and Ani Bracelets on Sale at IDEELI

Alex and Ani bracelets

One of our readers , Knar, shows off her Alex and Ani bracelets picture @Copyright Mary Hall, TheRecessionista.com

For a while, I’ve been loving Alex and Ani bracelets. Frankly, I’ve been a little fascinated by them because of the various charms and their claims of positive energy. Today, the bracelets are on sale at shopping club IDEELI.  The bracelets offer charms that have different meanings and are grouped together in a collection of bangles with charms.   If you want to shop the sale, use my invite to log-in to the sale and shop Ideeli.  I asked one of my readers, Knar, why she loves Alex and Ani and believes the bracelets make great gifts.  Here’s what she had to say.


Alex and Ani bracelets 

“I like how the bracelets can speak to someone’s personality and as a gift you can connect them to whoever you are buying for, ” notes Alex and Ani customer Knar Felegian. ” For example, my daughter bought me a shell because we always collect shells together on the beach.”

One thing we love about the bracelets here at The Recessionista, beyond their fashionable look, is how they are all Made in America.  We love products that employee American workers during these tough economic times!  For more Alex and Ani, including their charitable giving collection, check the brand’s website.  Their Charity by Design collection donates 20% of their profits to charities. Now that’s something to really love.

Note: In the interest of full-disclosure, per FTC guidelines, I’m calling this a sponsored post because if you buy from IDEELI after joining using my link, I will earn a small commission.

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