Discounted Target Fashions on Sale on eBay

Target on eBay

eBay is offering Target Fashions on a limited time sale

In a surprising move, Target is now offering select fashion items on eBay, at discounted prices. In some cases, the prices are lower than those on or in-store Target on clearance.  The sale is heavily weighted towards Mossimo and Merona dresses, with prices under $15.00 and $20.00 for many of the dresses.  Considering the problems Target has been having with their credit cards this  week for in-store shoppers,  shopping online via eBay might be a more secure way to buy Target items.

Phillip Lim versus Mossimo

Doppelgängers: Phillip Lim for Target dress on left, Mossimo for Target dress on right.

If you missed Phillip Lim 3.1 at Target, you might be interested in styles from Mossimo that are reminiscent of Lim’s dresses. The Mossimo Women’s Elbow Length Sleeve Ponte with Faux Leather Dress is very similar to the faux leather dress from the Phillip Lim 3.1 at Target which sold out in a nano-second (see pictures above.)  The Mossimo doppleganger  dress is now offered on the  Target sale for $17.99. Target-Addict first noticed the resemblance between these dresses back in Sept. 2013,  and since then, the price on the Mossimo dress had dropped by almost 40%. What you do you think readers? Would you shop for Target items on eBay? Especially since the news about the Target credit card security issues?  If you shop Target on eBay, do the price comparisons to Target online. Some items are cheaper, but some are the same price.

Note: In the interests of full-disclosure, I have called this a “sponsored post” because I am an eBay affiliate and I earn a small commission when you shop with eBay via The Recessionista.  However, the deals listed here are significantly under retail prices. That’s makes these sales good deals for my readers who are Christmas shopping.  I have bought many items on eBay and have personally found many great deals there.  It is a website I use frequently. I am shopping on eBay right now for many of my own Christmas gifts! 

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