H&M Recycling Program: Giveaway unused clothes, get a coupon

Details of H&M's recycling program

Details of H&M’s recycling program

It’s a fact that Mother Earth is literally suffering under the weight of our seasonal fashion changes. Every year clothes end up in garbage bins that are taken to landfills.  Clothing left in landfills is not biodegradabile and  takes up precious space on our planet that could be used for gardening, living , etc. But that doesn’t need happen.  Clothing can be recycling and fabrics reused to make new fashions.   Help decrease the amount of clothing headed to the waste bin, but discarding your unused or no longer worn clothing at your local H&M store.  H&M stores now offer garment recycling.   That means you can bring in your unwanted clothes to an H&M store to get a 15% off coupon.  H&M’s eco-friendly stance was a key factor in actress Helen Hunt’s decision to wear an H&M couture gown made from sustainable fabric to the Oscars this year.  To learn more about H&M’s recyling program, check out The Budget Babe’s cute video of her closet cleaning or visit H&M online.

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