Kate Moss Announced as the new face of Kerastase Paris

Kate Moss for Kerastase

Kate Moss for Kerastase

Hair care line Kerastase has announced that they will be partnering with supermodel Kate Moss for a Spring ad campaign.  Word from Kerastase is that Ms. Moss will serve “as the muse for a new collection” called “Couture Styling.”   This sounds like a really good job, doesn’t it.  Tell me where can the ordinary woman apply for a job opening as a Muse? The burning question here at The Recessionista is how much does a Muse make?   Ms. Moss who once lost work as a model due to substance abuse issues, now seems to be in demand everywhere.   Stay tuned to see Ms. Moss modeling three unique hair styles in the campaign including sculpted, voluminous and a more natural look.


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  1. CFebruary 23, 2013 at 8:17 pm | Permalink

    so weird… after “hair and make up” this person in the photo looks nothing like the waif like Kate Moss. But I guess that just makes the add more convincing?