Romeo Beckham Stars in New Burberry Campaign Video

Romeo shades

Romeo Beckham Gets Cheeky For Burberry

Burberry has released a new video for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection featuring, you guessed it, Romeo Beckham.  This video would make a great Saturday Night Live parody as the impish Romeo leaps, vogues and struts in classic Burberry apparel for to the tunes of Tom O’Dell’s another love.

Romeo Beckham in Burberry

Romeo Beckham in Burberry

The video highlights Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection, which I was privileged to see on the runway at London Fashion Week.   In contrast to the beauty of the runway show, the video featuring Romeo is positively puckish and playful.  Into the mix of the beautiful Burberry fashions runs Romeo Beckham leaping, pointing his umbrella and smiling through over sized shades.  The kid clearly has charisma.  And being the son of David Beckham doesn’t hurt either.  I don’t think the appearance of Romeo adds a thing to the cache of the Burberry brand, but it is attention getting and hilarious.   It’s like starring Justin Bieber in the opera Madame Butterfly.   The marriage of Romeo Beckham and Burberry is a unique pairing to say the least.

Check out the campaign video and let me know what you think.  Romeo completely deflates the serious posing of the models with  their sallow cheekbones and big red lips. His puckish grin seems to mock their overly serious posturing.  Maybe this is the new fashion marketing? Bring in a cheeky child to market your products and engage the viewer in a bit of fun.  Seems like it’s working.  Romeo’s Burberry video already has over 95,000 views.

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