Eco-Friendly: H&M launches new Collection with Vanessa Paradis

vanessa for HM

Vanessa Paradis for H&M Conscious Collection

Even since H&M was exposed by the NY Times several years ago for throwing away clothes, they have made an effort to be more environmentally conscious. Since the infamous dumping,  they launched the WASTE collection made from left over material from the Lanvin collection and later their own Conscious Collection.  The Conscious Collection is made from recycled materials.  Now H&M is taking the Conscious Collection a step further.  Now, H&M customers will be able to drop off their used/disgarded clothes at H&M stores in exchange for H&M vouchers.  Customers will be able to bring any unwanted garments from any label to selected stores, and in return for each bag receive an H&M voucher, to a maximum of two bags per customer per day. H&M is the first store to encourage garment return on this scale, in an effort to prevent clothing from going to landfill.  Big props for H&M for implementing this program.  The landfills don’t need anymore disgarded clothing to fill them up.

At the same time H&M is launching this in-store recycling campaign, they have announced a new Conscious Collection will be coming to market.  French actress /singer Vanessa Paradis will be the face of the collection.  The new collection will feature romantic styles like a floor-length dresses plus sportswear like a cropped jumpsuit and a tropical print T-shirt dress. For women there will be accessories too, such as ankle-strap heels. The entire collection is made from more sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel.  Conscious will also feature clothing for men and children.   Look for the new collection in H&M stores worldwide in March 2013.


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