Los Angeles: The Fred Segal Sale is About to Begin!

Alert the media! The annual the Fred Segal 50% off sale is about to begin tomorrow, Sept 28th.  As a frugal fashionista, Fred Segal sales and special events are about the only time of the year I step foot into the eclectic Fred Segal store.  The store is not so much a store as a collection of little private boutiques.  They have treasures and funky items you won’t find anywhere else.  From September 28th – October 14th, you can shop for fall pieces to accent your style, home furnishings, accessories, and footwear essentials at 50% off!  All the stores under FRED SEGAL Santa Monica’s roof such as Sharon Segal, Emphatic, Babakul, Bettina Duncan, Fred Segal Eyes, Aviator Nation, Happiness, Ron Robinson, Nina and Trend Man and others are offering you a chance to get a jump on Fall at 50% off!

As insiders know, the prices during the sale fall as the sale goes on. Starting October 1st the sale increases to 2/3 off and October 8th items are up to 75% off! For a limited time only. You’ll see both stars and their stylists roaming the store looking for deals.   And don’t even get me started on the parking situation for the sale..it’s horrific. Click here to check their website for fashion and trends. My advice, go early, get the deals and get out, as it’s bound to be mad.

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