Nordstrom Selects Handicapable Model for a Campaign

Pictured : Angela Rockwood has been selected as a model for Nordstrom (photo: Diane Bondareff for Sundance.)

Angela Rockwood, the quadriplegic host of the Sundance Channel’s “Push Girls“, has been selected as a model for an upcoming Nordstrom’s fashion campaign.  I’m so excited to blog about this story, because this is a big step forward in the world of fashion and advertising.   There are many handicappable people on this planet and it’s great to see them being represented via TV shows and advertising.  People StyleWatch has a great piece today on Ms. Rockwood’s story and her upcoming work with Nordstrom.  “There weren’t many models in chairs to make a statement like, ‘Hey we are the consumers too!’ and ‘Who doesn’t want to look sexy or fashionable sitting in a wheelchair?’” explains Ms. Rockwood. Everyone wants to look fabulous, so I think this is brilliant of Nordstrom to appeal to all consumers.  My little nephew is Autistic and I hope someday to see children with Autism featured in advertising and fashion spots.   Nordstrom selecting Ms. Rockwood and showing a positive image of individuals in wheelchairs is a huge step forward. I prefer to think of people like Ms. Rockwood as handicapable not handicapped.  Thank you Nordies!

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  1. DavidAugust 29, 2012 at 1:49 am | Permalink

    An incredibly inspiring story. Hopefully the fashion world takes notice!