Topshop’s Olympic Tie in Collection by Ashish Gupta

Pictured: Items from Topshop’s Ashish Gupta collection

Not all of us have the discipline, drive or talent to compete in sports, especially the Olympics.  Fashion and sports are two things that don’t always mix.  That’s why Topshop’s new collection of sports-themed clothing designed by Ashish Gupta featuring slogans like  “2nd place” and “Loser” is for the every woman who is not necessarily athletic, but perhaps is working out by watching the Olympics at home on the telly.  The cheeky casual collection is available in Topshop stores and on 

Two particularly humorous items from the collection are the “Don’t play games” T-shirt and a baseball jacket with “Loser”  printed on the back.  Although these pieces aren’t inexpensive (£40.00 for a T), I like the designer’s sense of humor.   And since it’s Topshop, it will most likely all end up on sale at some point. “I was rubbish at sports in school, and I was always the last one chosen for the football team! So I can relate to being the ‘loser’! I want to celebrate the underdog, the runner up, the ones that don’t get the medals!” notes Ashish Gupta.  The collection is clearly not intended for the gold, silver or  bronze medalists, but wouldn’t it be funny if we saw some of the Olympians wearing this stuff?

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