Toilet Paper, Yes, Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

Pictured: Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Winner in her Bohemian Cupcake gown.

We’ve all seen or heard about some of the crazy designer challenges on Project Runway where they make a contestant make a dress from candy wrappers, a burlap bag or some other  rough material.  I’m surprised we haven’t seen an episode featuring a toilet paper challenge.  Maybe we will soon, now that the Eighth Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Winners have been announced.  Yes, you heard that right, there is actually a contest to make wedding dresses from toilet paper.  Check out the picture above to see the better than expected results.  The picture is of the grand prize winner, Susan Brennan a 26-year-old aspiring artist and designer from Orchard Lake, MI. Her dress with all the cascading toilet paper rosettes is pretty amazing and I can only guess that is is fabuless too. After all, how much does it cost to buy a big old toilet paper bulk pack from Costco or some Charmin at the local market?  It’s gotta be cheap and cheerful, right?  My spies tell me that winner Susan used 10 rolls of Charmin with hot glue, packing tape and needle and thread to create her TP gown, entitled the Bohemian Cupcake.

Pictured: Third place winner Jennifer Henry in her gorg Charmin gown.

Who thought of making wedding gowns with Toilet Paper? Laura Gawne and partners Susan Bain and Roxie Radford thought up this competition. They operate a website called all about saving money on weddings.  Well, who knew that Toilet Paper could be used, well, so creatively.  Truth once again is stranger than fiction.

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