H&M to Fashion Star: Hasta La Vista Baby!

Today’s Hollywood Reporter has a story about changes at the NBC Fashion Star show.  Apparently host Elle Macpherson and H&M are both departing from the show’s second season. Not really a surprise, although I hate to see H&M depart as their offerings were the most affordable.   But, I have to wonder what the profit margin was for them in a TV show that would clearly have many costs for them to participate in, while at the same time selling low-priced fashions.  It seems like a no win game.

“H&M is continuously looking for new and unique collaborations and we were thrilled to have partnered with NBC for the first season of . We have decided not to participate in the second season. It was exciting to work with all of the talented people involved including the designers whose winning clothes sold out weekly. We wish  success and will be sure to tune in for season two.”

As for Elle’s departure, the “positioning” is that she is out as host, but will continue to work behind the scenes as a producer.  Look for a new host to perhaps give this show a more millennial/Gen Y demographic.  Just a hunch.

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