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Weekend Fashion Deals: Macy’s Impulse Brasil Collection & ASOS

Pictured: A selection from the Macy’s Costa for Calvin Klein Brasil collection. I’ve had my eye on the Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein minimalist Brasil collection for Impulse since it launched back in May, but of course, I don’t buy until it goes on sale.  This weekend pre-Fourth of July, the entire collection is now […]

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H&M to Fashion Star: Hasta La Vista Baby!

Today’s Hollywood Reporter has a story about changes at the NBC Fashion Star show.  Apparently host Elle Macpherson and H&M are both departing from the show’s second season. Not really a surprise, although I hate to see H&M depart as their offerings were the most affordable.   But, I have to wonder what the profit margin […]

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Toilet Paper, Yes, Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

Pictured: Toilet Paper Wedding Gown Winner in her Bohemian Cupcake gown. We’ve all seen or heard about some of the crazy designer challenges on Project Runway where they make a contestant make a dress from candy wrappers, a burlap bag or some other  rough material.  I’m surprised we haven’t seen an episode featuring a toilet […]

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The Zara Semi Annual Sale for 2012 is On!

Hear-yee, Hear-yee fashionistas. The ZARA’s semi-annual sale has begun featuring new mark downs and clearance items.  Princess Katherine (aka Kate Middleton) and her sister Pipa wear a lot of ZARA so you might see some of their favorites there. The sale includes suits, dresses, shoes and bags. Highlights include: blazers from $29.99, party dresses from $15.99, summer […]

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eBay Research: What’s Always in Style for Resale

Pictured: eBay’s Top Sellers Ever look through your closet and think, I have too much, I need to unload some of this stuff? I do this about once every 3 months.  I call it the “Closet Cull.” Some stuff goes to Goodwill,, but some goes to resale.  As a practicing cost saver, I try to […]

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Clearance Report: The Webster Miami for Target

Pictured: Clearance Racks of Webster for Target. (photo: M. Hall) Just six weeks after it’s launch, the Target clearance racks are full of The Webster Miami for Target clothing.  My Target had plenty in stock.  Everything is about 30% off of the retail price. Note this sale is in-store only, not yet online.   But I’m […]

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Customer Service: H&M Offers to Repair or Return My Versace for H&M Bag

Last week I wrote about how disappointed I was that my new Versace for H&M bag’s carry handle/chain broke after just a few hours of use.  To my complete shock and surprise, I heard from H&M customer service today about the incident, and I have to give H&M big props for getting in touch with […]

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Giveaway of Exclusive Legacy 1912 Titanic Fragrance from QVC

Pictured: The beautiful bottle of the Legacy 1912 Titanic Perfume. Earlier this year I wrote about the items of jewelry and the perfume that shopping site and TV network QVC was selling the commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic. QVC has recreated a perfume, called Legacy 1912 Titanic Fragrance, from the sample perfume oils […]

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Get Book Smart with Macy’s and Save on Shopping

Today Macy’s and Reading Is Fundamental’s (RIF) have launched a summertime fundraiser “Be Book Smart.”  The five-week fundraiser, Be Book Smart, provides an opportunity for Macy’s customers to give $3at their local Macy’s store as a donation to help provide a book for a child in their local community.  In return, Macy’s customers will then […]

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A|X Armani Exchange Kicks off Summer with a Super Sale

Pictured: Deals from the A|X sale. Our friends at A|X Armani Exchange just kicked off their annual Ciao! Summer Sale. The sale runs from today until Sunday, July 8th. Naturally, I’ve been checking out the sale today and I can say with some certainty that there are some good deals on items for both men […]

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