Topshop’s Affordable Little Black Dress: The Flippy Dress

Pictured: Topshop has the perfect LBD in their flippy dress for $40.00 US

Recently I was reminded of the value of having a great little black dress (LBD) in the closet in case of an unexpected event or evening out. Everyone needs a great , affordable little black dress that they can throw on at a moments notice. That’s why I have to tell you all about the Topshop Flippy Dress.  This dress is designed in a flattering style with tailored panels at the sides. The fitted drop waist and the full, flippy hemline treamlines the figure. The style issubtle and understatedly sexy.  Even more sexy is the $40.00 US price tag.  This dress is availble from Topshop and ships internationally. It’s top rated by Topshop customers with over 60 favorable reviews and it’s machine washable.  That makes it one of The Recessionista’s Top Picks. The dress also comes in Rose. 

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    This Topshop black dress is suitable for any types of event, be it on graduation or just some lovely night for dinner. As you probably would also know, black helps slim down your figure, and with the perfect fit of the dress your curves could be emphasized in the most appropriate ways necessary.