The Recessionista Reviews Macy’s Fashion Star Collection

Pictured: Two of the new dresses from the Macy’s Fashion Star Collection. (photos: M. Hall)

If any of you have been watching the Fashion Star show on TV, and then going to the store to look for the clothes, then you know that off the TV runway, the clothing is a mixed of the good and the fugly. I’ve liked some of the H&M dresses, especially the Ronnie Blue Deep-V Open Back Emma Dress  from week 8. I bought that dress, and it looks so classy, and much more expensive than the H&M $39.99 price tag. Sadly, the Macy’s dresses in the Kara Laricks collection (see photos above) are underwhelming.  The Lauren Plaid shift dress on the left reminds me of Halloween with it’s orange and black colors. That dress is priced at $79.99 which is way too expensive for what I saw hanging on the rack.  I felt the same way about the black sleeveless Lauren dress with the colorful red, black and tan circle lining.  Have any of you see this collection is stores?  Is it a must have or a meh. I say a meh. For me, it’s a complete non-event, all TV marketing hype that doesn’t translate to the finished garments.  Too bad, because I think Kara Laricks is talented. 

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