Fashion and Social Media: The Skanz Band for QR Scanning

Pictured: The Skanz Bracelet, let people skan your social media info via QR code

Yesterday I was thinking of putting a colorful USB flash drive “bracelet” on my wrist and wondering if this was a fashionable use of technology.  Today, I’m thinking of going even one step further by getting a Skanz bracelet.  The New York Times has chronicled these handy bracelets from New York Fashion Week to Consumer Electronic shows. These are brightly colored wristbands with a QR code containing the wearer’s social media IDs (Twitter profile, etc.) The idea is you would no longer need to have print business cards with you, you could just flash your wrist at people and let them scan all your information on their mobile phone. The bracelet scan links to your “Skanzsite” with your socia media information on it and retails for $9.99.  Is this easier than carrying business cards and struggling to find them in what is usually an over crowded handbag? I’m thinking yes, and am seriously considering giving this a try.  What do you think readers? Chanel is ain’t but practical it certainly is!

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