The Birkin Chain Saw Massacre: Was it Worth It?

Pictured: The burning Birkin Bag, photo credit Tyler Shields via TMZ

As some of you know, tonight’s episode of the execrable Mrs. Eastwood & Co. featured the burning of one of the fashion world’s most coveted items, a red crocodile Birkin bag by Hermes valued at 100k. As Mrs. Eastwood thoughtfully pointed out, the bag costs more than some people make in an entire year.  Most profoundly, this observation was made while on a trip to Ross Dress for Less. I love the dramatic irony of Francesca Eastwood shopping at Ross carrying the Birkin Bag, while, turning down the Ross bags that Mrs. Eastwood tried to interest her in.
According to the Daily Mail, Francesca Eastwood is now receiving death threats over the whole bag burning, chain saw massacre.  Now that’s taking things way too far.  I think poor Francesca is just a teenager who did this to please her photographer boyfriend, Tyler Shields. (Remember, this is a girl who once narrowly escaped a fire as a child, so what is she doing playing with fire now? )  As for Tyler, why not give some of profits from the photos of the burning bag to a charity?  Mrs. Eastwood could take her own advice and feed some of the homeless with the revenue from her reality show. I’m sure ratings were up over the whole Birkin burning debacle. 

Bottom line, the Birkin massacre is not going to help this show. Only one thing sells it, and that is the Eastwood name. I hope Clint pulls the plug on this fiasco.  Next week, maybe E! TV will show the Kardashians having a bonfire of Kim’s wedding gifts. 

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  1. Target AddictMay 29, 2012 at 2:31 pm | Permalink

    I accidently saw part of the episode before the burning one (the TV was still set to E!, and I had a morbid fascination after reading your earlier post 😉 At first I was supportive of Dina; she was trying to educate her daughters how much a Birkin cost, how that $ could be put to better use, etc. But then they made Dina look like a crazy hoarder, and the whole episode went downhill fast. This whole family is crazy (and not in a good “Kardashian Krazy” kind of way). I won't be watching again!