Special Offer to Shop & Swap on SNOBSWAP

New website SNOBSWAP has just launched with the premise that some of use would rather buy a pre-owned luxury items and save on the price, than pay full price for a new luxury item.  The store allows users to list their items for sale, much like eBay.   But where eBay offers just about everything, SNOBSHOP is exclusively luxury fashion items like Vuitton bags, and Louboutin shoes. If you’re interested in shopping , here’s  a special deal use code SSrecessionista  good between 4/23 through 5/1 for $10 towards any Buy Now item or final Cash Offer sale over $40. .  The site claims to have a strict no fakes policy.  I’m thinking some of you might like to try the site out for a test drive to do some Mother’s Day shopping and swapping. You might even list last year’s Mother’s Day’s presents to buy some new ones.

How does SNOBSWAP compare to market leader eBay? SNOBSWAP claims their lsting fees are cheaper than eBays and less complicate.  For example, eBay charges an insertion fee of $.50 for listing an item over $.99.   Also, eBay only gives the user 1 free picture and charges a $.15 hosting free for each additional picture (or 1-6 pictures pack for $.75).   In addition, eBay’s fixed price listings only last for 30 days.

Whereas, SNOBSWAP does not charge any listing fees and you get two free pictures (soon to be increasing to 4 free pictures).  A new listing is posted for 90 days.  User can choose to insert 10 pics for $.99 but this is optional. All in all, it sounds risk free to list an item.   If you’d like to try it out, here’s a special offer for The Recessionista’s readers.  Use  code SSrecessionista  good between now and  5/1 for $10 towards any Buy Now item or final Cash Offer sale over $40.  I will be checking the site out myself and will let you know what I find.

Pictured: List an item on SNOBSWAP by May 1 and you’ll be entered to win an LV bag.
If you join and shop, as an added bonus, you’ll be entered to win a Louis Vuitton bag.  That’s an offer that’s hard to refuse. Let me know what you think!
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